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  1. Having looked at the Project legacy Browser. The profile resembles the legacy (old) profile. Which looks exactly like the Firestorm Profile, with the exception that one of the tabs has been renamed 'Real' which is usually used for real life photo/info so far. Also photos seem to enlarge to their native resolution which is good too. I think starting with the legacy profile format is better than the modern profile (as it displays immediately more information on screen for the space it uses onscreen). I think a family tab would be useful for those of us that have them in RPG sims, as it can
  2. Have to say, that picture IS amazing!
  3. I have every right to say that I don't like Viewer 1, as I did use it for quite some time before V2 or 3, I have been around a while, certainly not a noob! Also in all fairness, I did state that the only thing I miss about Viewer 1 was the Pie Menu. But because V2+3 are functionally superior/easier and faster (if you have a graphics card less than 15-20 years old) to Version 1, I could never go back. Also Linden Labs have listened to V1 users, and have incorporated some of the functionality of V1 into V2+V3. Mesh is really cool, I love it - you can animate it, rig it, which you can't really
  4. I Love Mesh, it is so much better than crappy slow buggy (limited) sculpt. I personally hate the Viewer 1, it should be in a museum along with all the other whining throwbacks. Viewer 2 was good, but viewer 3 is now even better! For those of us that have faster (up-to-date) pc's and graphics cards, we have FINALLY got the old "REDUNDANT" (nearly 20 years old!!!) rendering code brought up to date!!! I recommend saving your money and investing in a modern PC, because what Viewer 3 can do makes Viewer 1 look like a 16bit DOS program by comparison. One thing I liked about the functionality of
  5. Sharie Criss, I love V2 interface, it is way more functional than the old interface (in my opinion), and I just can't go back. You got firestorm, so whats your problem??? Just be grateful that LL watered down the viewers to suit those that stubbornly refuse to keep up, forgetting that this has held back an ever increasing number of people from experiencing SL's fuller potential. There are many of us at the higher end of the scale that have had to suffer because LL is using depricated "ancient" OpenGL code, just to keep the whiny wingers like you happy that refuse to keep up with the times, a
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