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  1. Having looked at the Project legacy Browser. The profile resembles the legacy (old) profile. Which looks exactly like the Firestorm Profile, with the exception that one of the tabs has been renamed 'Real' which is usually used for real life photo/info so far. Also photos seem to enlarge to their native resolution which is good too. I think starting with the legacy profile format is better than the modern profile (as it displays immediately more information on screen for the space it uses onscreen). I think a family tab would be useful for those of us that have them in RPG sims, as it can be quite difficult figuring out your nieces/nephews from your uncles/aunts and grandparents; sons/daughters, grandchildren. For group profiles, about with notifications/events must be first and foremost, as I initially had to be directed to the notifications section when I first joined a group, and the information there is invaluable for knowing actual group activities in advance which allows you to plan your time better, and therefore involve you more in group activities! Membership/who's who listings should be secondary. Actual whataboutery and functionality of groups should prioritise over who runs them in group profile listings. So that when you look at a group you know instantly whether they hold activities inworld or are just for chat only, both of which have their roles/uses. The use of small images alongside notifications is an easy/useful quick way of identifying events that peak your interest the most as well, and when you open up the event/notification, it would be good to display it like an actual inworld notification when viewing it for the sake of familiarity and thus ease of reading, rather than just a squishy, scrolly note. My opinions are based on what it is like to be in a group as a user. Perhaps others that run groups should also have their say, so long as their practicalities do not destroy the actual group users experiences of accessibility to their groups. A major bugbear is that the time of events should be displayed clearly in a separate line box at the bottom of notifications, rather than hidden in the middle of the notification text where you have to hunt around for it. ** Also it would be great if that time could be optionally displayed in real time to the user reading it from whichever country they are in so they can set the event to their own Real Life clock (i.e. display PDT or Actual time in Properties somewhere, where you have selected your timezone). Now THAT would be MAGNIFICENT and increase user interactions within groups immensely, rather than having to do the maths every single time you want to attend an activity. **
  2. Have to say, that picture IS amazing!
  3. I use 3D Activated Glasses (shutter), not Anaglyph. IZ3D is only for those with Anaglyph. Any suggestions for Real 3D/3D Vision?
  4. I have every right to say that I don't like Viewer 1, as I did use it for quite some time before V2 or 3, I have been around a while, certainly not a noob! Also in all fairness, I did state that the only thing I miss about Viewer 1 was the Pie Menu. But because V2+3 are functionally superior/easier and faster (if you have a graphics card less than 15-20 years old) to Version 1, I could never go back. Also Linden Labs have listened to V1 users, and have incorporated some of the functionality of V1 into V2+V3. Mesh is really cool, I love it - you can animate it, rig it, which you can't really do half as well with Sculpt. There is a growing number of noobs out there that have never used viewer 1, and if they were to see it, they would just scratch thier heads and ask Why??? Maybe one day, the continual development of Second Life will render V1 completely defunct as the code is so damn old. The problems that Linden Labs must have having to code for two very different viewers must be mind bogglingly infuriating. I guess that if Linden Labs got rid of Viewer 1, so very many bugs would be eliminated overnight, because they are able to focus on one viewer and not 2. Jog on!
  5. I Love Mesh, it is so much better than crappy slow buggy (limited) sculpt. I personally hate the Viewer 1, it should be in a museum along with all the other whining throwbacks. Viewer 2 was good, but viewer 3 is now even better! For those of us that have faster (up-to-date) pc's and graphics cards, we have FINALLY got the old "REDUNDANT" (nearly 20 years old!!!) rendering code brought up to date!!! I recommend saving your money and investing in a modern PC, because what Viewer 3 can do makes Viewer 1 look like a 16bit DOS program by comparison. One thing I liked about the functionality of viewer 1 was the PIE menu.
  6. There used to be and option in the Advanced menu that could toggle light attachments on and off back in the day. Let me demonstrate what people are complaining about when they say they don't like light attachments to avatars. This is an example of someone actually griefing a sim last night:
  7. I really Love the new layout, so much simpler, and totally customiseable. Also you get to see more! I do have a suggestion however, that the inventory, Outfits and Locations pop-ups are polished, ie. Dont look like a sidebar! More of a rounded complete look to them. Great work though - love it! Oh yes and while, i'm on it. Please sort out the crash on logging inworld for those of us with high end graphics cards - mines a GTX 460 SE - The shining fixes can run without crashing, why can't you? The only major bug with shining fixes is that other avatars are usually just grey, but hey, maybe that is something that is being worked on at the moment. Once again, great job on the interface :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  8. Thanks Theresa, the Shining Fixes link that you mentioned works. But for how long is anyones guess. I just wish a Linden could let us know where they are with all this, as it would give us something to go on with. :manmad:
  9. Sharie Criss, I love V2 interface, it is way more functional than the old interface (in my opinion), and I just can't go back. You got firestorm, so whats your problem??? Just be grateful that LL watered down the viewers to suit those that stubbornly refuse to keep up, forgetting that this has held back an ever increasing number of people from experiencing SL's fuller potential. There are many of us at the higher end of the scale that have had to suffer because LL is using depricated "ancient" OpenGL code, just to keep the whiny wingers like you happy that refuse to keep up with the times, are you Armish???. Some of us are happy to move along with the times and upgrade our pc's/graphics cards, and thankfully LL is working on addressing the needs of us at the other end of the scale. We share the vision of LL, and we want to see the viewer taken up to its "fullest potential". I personally think LL is doing a fantastic job, and whether you are stuck in the past, or look to the future, LL's are addressing issues for all of us at both ends of the scale. Issues take time, and time must be taken to get things right. I am personally having to use a driver that is a year out of date just to use second life, and I believe and trust LL's are addressing this issue, because for months they had to write code for the likes of you (so ungrateful), just to keep you miserable dinosaurs happy while the rest of us have very patiently had to wait, held back by your selfish needs. Just be grateful they did not leave you behind with the rest of the dinosaurs - because it would have been a hell of a lot easier. Show some gratitude!
  10. Innula, if you say it works on Debian, then technically you are saying that Debian supports depricated OpenGL code, whats so great about that???
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