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  1. Getting tired of trying to find what I want using the MP search system, which is next to useless when trying to get relevant results using keywords. So I resorted to using google image search - example: https://www.google.com/search?q=full+body+tattoo+site:marketplace.secondlife.com&tbm=isch https://www.google.com/search?q=vampire+outfit+site:marketplace.secondlife.com&tbm=isch https://www.google.com/search?q=realistic+female+skin+site:marketplace.secondlife.com&tbm=isch https://www.google.com/search?q=realistic+male+skin+site:marketplace.secondlife.com&tbm=isch search string is: your keywords site:marketplace.secondlife.com OMG! relevant results!... I know there's probably a few people out there that already do this, but I just thought I'd pass on the useful tip. If you use a descriptive key phrase using this method, you should find what you're looking for. Hope this helps someone.
  2. Looks like a precursor to LL selling the platform to me. Gaging the current state of SL, that would make sense.
  3. HEY AME!! Paula - I've been logging in to pay tiers and respond to customers. Done a couple of product updates, but I've mostly been MIA for the past year and a half. My store is one of the few left on the sim I'm on (it was full before) and I've had to size my store down due to the broken in world search - no idea if that's fixed yet. I still get sales every now and then - enough to pay tiers and cash out for some pin money once in a while, but nowhere near the amount I used to make when the important features of SL and XStreet worked properly. I realise that while I've lost out due the changes in search, MP etc, some have made gains (at random?). I've always enjoyed being in control of my own marketing efforts, but since the changes it seems like LL's marketing controls me instead. As such I bowed out for a while and noticed a lot of people doing the same. Thankfully I never totally relied on income from SL. I run a web development business out of the Aussie outback and I'm doing much better for the time I invest. It doesn't stop me from being frustrated about the sad state of affairs with SL - I wanted to be behind it 100%... I BELIEVED in SL - and it's still a work of utter genius despite being totally wasted at the hands of what I believe to be poor management decisions and pandering to stock holders. Second Life SHOULD have been the new way people used the internet - It SHOULD have been the realisation of William Gibson's prophetic literature about cyberspace. SL has given me so much and let me down at the same time, and it's only because of the gifts that SL has given me will I stick around until the bitter end - at least logging in once in a while anyway.
  4. Another vote for 1B and use the face from 2F - it stands out really well
  5. Hi... I haven't actually posted anything on these forums for a while, as the title mentions. I just logged on to see if LL had actually brought the MP up to scratch, as it had quite a few problems when I last checked it out. IIRC some of the issues the marketplace had last time I was on was: very innaccurate non-relevant search, missing payments, broken / corrupted listings, poor payment implementation, products not getting delivered, really really bad (and expensive) featured listings system, poor usability and a variety of other little niggles and problems... Sad to see that even after being away for one and a half years the majority of these problems still exist... And I'm not just complianing for complaints sake either: I'm a web developer by trade and I find it absolutely astounding that the MP is still in this state. It's not like Linden Labs doesn't make a profit and can't hire a team of devlopers to fix everything that's wrong with the system. Hell, they could have rebuilt the entire marketplace, bespoke, from scratch in the time I've been away - launched it and have done with the problems altogether. Why they didn't stick to PHP and decided to base it on "Spree" an open source ecommerce system based on rails, when they already had a working system to start with (XStreet) or base it on, is totally beyond me. It's a bit like having a 90's honda accord - not cutting edge tech, but it looks okay, goes well and it reliably does the job - and then deciding to trade in it for a ferrari, but instead building it yourself using a Hyundai Sonata chassis as the base, and then totally borking the bodywork whilst continually adding "features" to it that don't really work.
  6. ...From a photoshoot of one of my skins that I had just finished.
  7. Didn't you know that vampires really dig neon dance glow pants, multi-coloured thigh boots and angry kitty outfits?!? yeah.... right I find it curious... very curious indeed, that most of the relevant stuff is actually on the last pages for a keyword search - just search for the keyword: hat now compare page 1 to page 2591 ... page 1 has 1 hat and 11 full outfits (I don't want an outfit, I WANT A HAT!).. and page 2591 has 12 hats... ... wow, and only 15 hats in the first 60 results... a one in four chance of finding a hat after 5 mouse clicks and a simple keyword search??? How long has the marketplace been in this state for now?... a year? - and the marketplace search engine still doesn't provide relevant results? Isn't LL supposed to be some kind of internet technology company? If I had developed a website like the marketplace for the last company I worked for, I would have been SACKED and then BEATEN HALF TO DEATH IN THE STREET with the PHP5 and MySQL bible ... oh wait, yes.. the marketplace was built with Spree and ruby on rails... hell, I STILL would have been THRASHED HALF TO DEATH with the PHP5 and MySQL bible! *breathing heavily and rapidly* ... okay... rant done. You may proceed. :::::edited for numbers n stuff
  8. Not sure if this will help, but I finally got a new 3.011 magic box delivered. I went to the magic box status page and force removed the other magic boxes listed there, then rezzed the new box in world, transferred all my stuff to it, and after quite a few box resets and "synchronise magic box with marketplace" button hits on the manage inventory page and then associating all my updated items with my current listings, and then resetting, re synch-ing etc... I managed to get my stuff back up for sale. I think the trick is to remove any existing magic boxes on your https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=adminservers page first. Might be able to claw my way back after all....
  9. nope .. magic boxes are not working for me either.. - tried resetting them, re-rezzing them, resetting them on the "my inventory" web page (when they were actually listed there) and I even tried to order a NEW magic box from the marketplace over 24 hours ago... which hasn't been delivered yet. Partly because of this stupid bug, and broken in world search, and the xstreeet takeover with a poor "SL marketplace" replacement that has never actually worked properly, my business is now pretty much dead in SL. Just had to abandon most of the land on which my store has beeen on for the past 4 years... what a mess eh? Clawing my way back depends largely on whether LL can pull their finger out and get everything fixed.
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