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  1. As I see, we all will have to open a new avatar just to hold the itens to be sold. First LL says we should never have a too big inventory, no more then 25K itens in inventory they say. After they want we keep our itens to be sold on inventory with our own itens! What about when we lose things form our inventory as have happened too offen? I 'm still waiting for get mines back, when I ask LL about them, all what I get is 'I'm sorry that you are having issues, but there is no way to us recovery anything once we dont have back up of inventories" Then there is 2 options, with the change, or LL wants we all create news avatars to hold our itens (so they can say they have actualy more residents then they really do) and/or that we all have a inword store and quite on marketplace (what will make them get more money from the lands). I honestly dont see the reason to change it as it is, the magic boxes to non copy itens are the safer way. Almost everybody has a parcel in sl , even is a small parcel any one can use 1 prim to rez a magic box in any place on the parcel, and so dont take any risk about lose any item! or is LL going to pay us about any itens what we lose from our inventories?
  2. well I tryed do that and it doesn't open an option to clean. I thought once I'm unlisting the iten and sl clean it form the botton where the iten was, whould be logic, that the iten would be removed from the list too, to not be relatated again once actualy, the iten doesnt exist anymore to marketplace.
  3. Hi Pls I dont know if there is anything I need to do or its a thing to LL work, but when I wish to manage those related itens that show on botton,the window 'search for a related product' is never actualized. I sell mostly limitated itens and once they are sold, they are gone for good, but that window keep showing me them. Should not they be removed once I unlist them? One I unlist, they stop to show on boton, but keep on window still, so on a new manage listing, get confuse to know what ther is or there is not to sell. Limitated itens use to show again on future with same name but they come as a new iten, so when I open that window I see the same iten 4-5 times or more and how to know wich one is what I have still? Ty in advance Natasha coeyman
  4. I'm trying load an iten to Market alce its no copy, no mod but transfer I drop it on merchantbox and when I try send it to marketplace it says Transfer failed No folders were sent to the marketplace because of a sustem or network error. Try again later. and on Log of the transaction it shows Unsellable item in folder, likely a permission problem But I'm not the creator and I 've seen several of same iten into Marketplace so its possible to send, then what do I do to it work? Ty in advance Natasha Coeyman
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