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  1. A lot of people don't want to upgrade to Win10 simply because they've tried it and think it's s***, don't like all the telemetry (Microsoft spying on them) and just prefer Windows 7. A lot of things about the Win 10 UI suck. I use Start10 and windowblinds so my system looks pretty much like Win 7 anyway, or I boot into Linux, but the last official LL build of Secondlife for Linux was 5.0.9 so who wants to use that? No wonder people turn to 3rd party viewers, like Firestorm. It's not just a case of people not having the latest hardware anyway, a lot of the time they just don't want to use Win 10.
  2. I understand that the last names if changed are from a select list and that if upgrading to premium, members that already have a last name can change their first OR last name. What I want to know is what effect changing a first name only has on a sirname. Can someone change their firstname and KEEP their existing sirname?
  3. Wait..LL deleted my reply to Qie which clarified my question and agreed with him? Even if previous data verification has been deleted according to some policy, shouldn't there be some record that a person has already provided RL info?
  4. I have never cashed out but I sent real life proof of ID to linden lab for the age verification process several years ago (Driver license, scanned and emailed directly then verified ). Why is that ID still not on file and not able to be used for Tilia?
  5. If you never cash out and only use your card to buy L$ then no, you don't need to provide any additional information.
  6. If you only buy L$ you're not affected. If you want to CASH OUT for real world money then you are affected. LL replied at least twice in this thread I think. Come August the 1st you'll have to agree on login to some new terms but that's the only thing that will affect the majority of people that don't cash out (process credit)
  7. Exactly when is the last opportunity I would be able to get a quarterly subscription before you stop people signing up ? Right now I can sign up today, but will it be available next Friday ? (my next pay day ^^ )
  8. Currently I am basic and have been thinking about going back to Premium since the start of this year. " If you keep Quarterly subscriptions - I, and I bet others will, would go premium again! " Mundane RL things like a new Fridge freezer, cooker and then last weekend an exploding washing machine (literally..bang!) have prevented that. The announcement states that new quarterly subscriptions are no longer possible but if they were kept, then in a few weeks time I would be able to. Juggling a monthly bill for SL ($143.88 a year) on top of RL bills isn't an option
  9. Please reconsider the Quarterly subscription. I've been here 12 years and been a premium member in the past, always paid quarterly, the yearly membership fee is just to much for me to afford just as it is for many others. I worked out that with the price increases those paying quarterly will now only get a 1 month saving over those that pay monthly, over the course of a year (currently it's 2) The group limits bite, I sort of understand the reasoning but then to say you're giving higher limits to premium members when they already have 18 more slots? If you need to lower limits because of server problems but then increasing them for every premium member then, I don't get it. Really don't get it. Reduce by less or increase by less or both. I've got groups I've paid for I don't want to quit and groups joined for sentimental reasons I wouldn't be able to rejoin if I left. Bottom line. If you keep Quarterly subscriptions - I, and I bet others will, would go premium again! It's the affordable option and middle ground So please, please keep it as an option or at least, don't phase it out so quickly, keep it open a bit longer.
  10. http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2018/08/lumiya-android-ios-second-life.html
  11. "this set of Community Standards applies to all products, services, and environments offered or hosted by Linden Lab, including but not limited to, its websites, servers, software, forums, and blogs (as further defined in the Terms of Service, the “Service”)." If I posted a conversation on my own personal blog, on SLU or as a screenshot on Flickr there is nothing LL could or would do about it. It absolutely does not apply to any 3rd party sites, blogs or services that have no connection to Linden Lab. It would still be wrong to post private information willy nilly IMO however.
  12. From VDJ website. Professional users If you are using VirtualDJ professionally (as defined in the EULA: "if you earn money using VirtualDJ "), you need to purchase a PRO license. I guess it depends on if you consider earning money inworld the same as earning money "professionally" and to me, VDJ, like Mixxx is one of those programs geared to mixxing tracks at some point rather than just streaming, and ideally suited to a controller. As to which is easiest that's down to personal preference It's been a while since I've used VDJ but MIXXX can be customised using skins as the user wishes, is completely free, open source with NO restrictions or fees. Another which might be useful just for playing a set playlist and requests if you're not into mixing is http://www.radiodj.ro/ I've not really played around with it much so can't recommend either way. Mondy.
  13. The best free software (imho) if you're looking for the cheapest way is the open source MIXXX DJ application. This lets you stream all your music, has mixing desks, does everything Virtual DJ can do and is easier to set up and can do most things that Sam can do. Sam is a commercial program and quite expensive. Mixxx is also highly configurable to work exactly how you want using skins as shown below. https://www.mixxx.org/ All you need then is a Shoutcast server that you can rent inworld on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and then you can stream using your own land or a club that hires you There are many places to rent a server and I won't post here. Just search or ask someone that DJ's for their recommendations.
  14. I just woke up and I'm here, but I've been hiding out on SLU
  15. It's so we can all feel superior about how much we spent on our mesh heads...or not :smileyindifferent:
  16. I'm just amazed that the majority of posts include so many details when the OP asks them to Direct Message ^^
  17. No, you can spectate and try games then add them but they are two separate subscriptions.
  18. It was pretty much my point. I don't pay for premium so I'm happy to pay a monthly fee for the service. Even a 300 dollar laptop , assuming I paid 300 pounds second hand, would still take me a year to save for and as I want something I can use for 3 years minimum I would rather buy new. 70 avi's in a club ? About twice a month as it happens, 40 or 50 last night, HoV regularly gets 70 plus at a popular event like Hugo latex parties ;-) I'm pretty sure I said I was using this primarily on the desktop as well as my tablet so mystitool works fine.
  19. Although this is an older thread I thought I'd add to it. Onlive is pretty usable on a mobile device of at least 7 inches or higher. Yes it can be fiddly but on a mobile device it isn't meant as a replacement for building or doing prescision work. But here's a big tip for those who say it's useless. Pinch to Zoom As for the price. By now most of you have realised or read enough that it's the equivalant of a monthly SL account. At least here in the UK it works at about £7 a month. It doesn't have to be rolling either. You can pay for 1 month, cancel it the next day and you still have that access for a whole month. Just pay for it as and when you like. It's now available for Ipads. Whoop! Saving snapshots. You can't save to disk but you can email yourself snapshot. My screen resolution is 1366x768. Seding an email with those setting work fine. It is possible, depending on server status to send a higher resolution image like 1960 or 2560. 2560x1400 works quite well. As for low end/mid spec computers and laptops. Yes yes yes. My laptop was mid range 3 years ago, now it's low. My viewer of choice is Firestorm but I use SlGO with the OnLive desktop client for windows more and more. On my laptop I get around12-25 fps on mid graphics setting,depending on whether I have advnced lighting enabled and all the shaders. With SL GO at home I get over 100 fps consistently. In a busy club, I'm talking 70 avatars plus, I STILL get at least 25-60. Usually over 60 in a less busy area with everything checked ,enabled, set to Ultra. Even with a draw distance of 256 if I want to. I mean, come on! Even many high end spec machines don't get 60fps on those settings. I personally don't notice any real difference over 25 anyway but my god, it looks damned amazing! Mmm..shadows Yes voice is still something I'm waiting for and I have asked recently about this. They still say soon, it's a beta product. No RLV. I'm into my kink and RLV is another reason I still use another viewer, but gadgets still work and collars still work if you don't use the RLV functions. I just switch back for a bit if I need to use those. Missing features. I assume everyone means things like FS or Singularity have that aren't in the official viewer...well in that area the only thing missing is the advanced menu and debug menus really over the LL client. Most other things can be enabled using a hud of some type. Mystitool (not the free version) has a pretty good radar and "gadgets" that can be enabled or disabled easily to replace things I miss most. On the whole I'm pretty pleased with SL Go, it's not as good as a full featured fat viewer with all the extra bells & whistles. It would take me two years on my income to replace my laptop for a spec that would let me run SL at the same speed and settings. Of course I don't have many vices in RL so it's just my pocket money that pays for it. *hugs* Mondy
  20. Check also SLPlugin.exe is not being blocked by your firewall. You have made sure media is enabled in preferences and not muted right ?
  21. Have you ticked/checked the box for media in preferences-sound. Have you tried another stream at a different parcel ? Copy and paste the music stream url in about land and see if it will play in VLC or Windowes media player (if you are on windows) , does it work there ?
  22. It's worth remembering the height offset/hover will only work if you have a modify shape. Another solution is to try different foot bases from different shoes. I have a pair of boots that always sink into the floor when I use the supplied base so I use one from a completely different pair to correct it.
  23. "Check back periodically and meanwhile go watch a good movie" I have Netflix. By the time I find a good movie SL will be fixed :smileytongue:
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