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  1. There is so much wrong here, speculation, suggesting things I said that I never said, or somehow suggesting that I, or the great people here are responsible for what happened five or ten years ago....but here we go, I'll respond to some of this stuff, but I'll skip all the stuff about problems in the past...that was the past...and by the way, all that "crazy" stuff has given us the best virtual world there has even been and still is. So somehow people here managed to do something right over the years... First off, thanks for the reply. Every organization has a reputation. You come here a
  2. > So you think SL can continue forever and still be competitive enought to matter in the future? Yes, IF LL does the following and earns trust / makes changes. I've been here 9 years+ and my trust for LL and its revolving door CEO's is nearly nonexistant. LL has a track record of overpromising and underdelivering, as well as jumping on the latest fad / shiny / company groupthink. Examples. The Tao of the Lindens as illustrated by Philip Linden making decisions take ages for consensus rather than management made decisions. Refusing to actively fight griefers for YEARS until grid cr
  3. > The way I see it is LL can either spend a ton of resources hobbling along on SL 1.0 or they can just start over with something better and use those resources to improve their features. OR they could do what older MMO's have done, revised the graphical engine, optimized, rebuilt the client. Sadly, they take the easy way out as they always have. Look at sculpts, rolled out and forgotten. Mesh, rolled out and forgotten forever until finally (and grudgingly) they add a few more bones for rigging purposes on AV's. You seem to be under the impression that 2.0 is magically going to be
  4. Same issue, all versions of the LL client. It went from an occasional thing to being totally unable to log in tonight. Strangely, the Firestorm client works fine....get in no issues. However, I do NOT want to use a 3rd party client...but it amazes me the LL client can be broken over every iteration of the code and yet TPV's work.. And no, not going to file a Jira...have no interest in trying to figure out something that complex and filled with folks that seem to exist merely to close entries.
  5. It healed itself sometime between yesterday AM and this morning (I just looked, was about to reset the LP, since I didn't get to it last night). cant tell if they got to the ticket or not as the view tickets page just says loading with a spinning disk that never stops, but my store now has real, working coordinates. And sales have started once again. Something happened, not sure what, since if a linden fixed it they didn't bother to drop me an IM.
  6. Ayep, checked that as did the live support person. But it comes up 0.0.0 in search...I think I will delete it and reset it and see if perhaps that helps. Ticket still sitting there with NEW status in support.
  7. Hey Jack, Perhaps you can take a moment out of your busy day buffing search results for your buddies who can afford huge plots of land and have one of you search people actually ANSWER MY NEARLY 3 WEEK OLD TICKET about my search listing now showing 0,0,0 coordinates. Its really such fun to have inworld sales suddenly go to zero, finally figure out why (its dropping customers in the water at the corner of the sim) and then get ignored by support for weeks -- and when I do manage to get someone on Live Help, you close their escalation ticket without comment or actually fixing the problem the
  8. "And they keep going after "new users" when they can't even support their current membership." - Wayfinder WIshbringer Amen....I wish the spent 1/1000th the time answering support tickets that they do on 'new users' gimmicks and trying to be 'cool' for the techies with web on a prim and PC-illiterate with web-client access. I've had a broken search help ticket in for a few days shy of 3 weeks with a new/unread status, had live support help me but their their ticket was closed with no comment or action the same day. They can afford time, money and employees to attract new users, and for W
  9. Wallace, Sure you're not blowing smoke again, like most lab announcements? I tried it with a low end laptop, tried it with a quad core, tried it with an i5 processor. I was bored at work today, so I spent time testing. I tried it on the company T1, on my cable link (12mb) AND on the company fiber optic link. I even tried a friend's DSL connection for grins after work. I NEVER got anything but join now. No one I know personally ingame has managed ot get it either, regardless of physical location, PC or type of connection. I also tried all the above connections with gaikai, never qualif
  10. No, you do not have to be a rocket scientist, but you DO have to be able to do the following Listen Contemplate and Understand what you heard Set your ego aside and act on what you learn in steps 1 and 2. Based on Q's reply (and to a lesser extent Yoz's), they haven't progressed to step 2, treating disagreements like 'axes to grind' and taking things personally. Nothing ever seems to change at LL, other than the name of the Linden stuck at step 1. Q owes the players an apology for his comment.
  11. Very unprofessional, Q. People disagree with your take and they are either 'misinterpreting' or 'have an axe to grind'. Perhaps we don't agree with you? Perhaps (less charitably) it sounds like a cop-out? Perhaps we have been had sunshine blown up our collective ***es enough times we don't trust you? Reciprocity? Dear gods, man/woman/being, did you actually SAY that with a straight face? This is the standard practice for the lab....we're listening, we want feedback, get feedback, promptly ignore said feedback (due to desires and constraints, etc.) and agree only with whoever post '
  12. Well, Yoz. Let me be brutally frank. You just don't get it....how easy it is for YOU has no bearing on customer satisfaction, none, nada, zero, zip.... Handing folks what YOU think they want based on how easy it is to code does NOT yield customer satisfaction. It yields a viewer 2.0 which has a MISERABLE adoption rate. Something is quite wrong with YOUR way of doing things when the antique viewer 1.2x has multiple times the users of 2.0 and TPV's proliferate. AND the mere existance of more than one or two highly specialized TPV's should be indicative of failure on your part at the
  13. Well, after reading the transcript, and then your clarification / spin, I don't think it was misinterpreted. Its standard SOP for the Lab when dealing with players 'We know what's best for you, you don't need choices'. Here's how I read your points from the clarification. This seems to be merely a refusal to sit down and plan. You work out where you think they should most logically BE and go with it. The main problem I have with v2.x.x is the sheer lack of planning...what little controls there are have been what feels like RANDOMLY moved around and grouped with things that make no relati
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