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  1. depends. public facing is stuff on the ground private stuff (or if I want more frames) skybox
  2. I'm wanting to browse avatar accessories for the pookie feline avatar but why do I need to sit there and wade through unwanted results, 83 pages of no less, when a store has the exact same word as the avatar that im trying to look up? Please let me add people/stores to a blacklist to make this and similar instances less annoying
  3. im usually 77k and it rarely ever notifies me if i'm near a handful of people unless it's at a busy event, and I hardly ever actually set a cap on my end. if im not using it, why would it warn me at all? more than likely im not understanding this right
  4. on the fence about preserving old builds to a degree, what is a must is keeping information to date, whatever games/attractions/etc. functional. what does hurt is going to the memorial park to go plant a name every so often and only one of the dispensers work, honestly feels a bit disrespectful to be left in in a dilapidated state
  5. I don't mind tip reminders every 30 minutes to an hour I usually only have a few hundred L on me, i'll tip what I can but im not about to drop $10 to do it play a song I like and i'll be inclined to tip, doing a request is guaranteed one from me I hate sound/text gesture spam, im here for music, not going deaf and a 50+MB local chat log for the day complex avatars slows everyone down, why do you feel the need to be a complexity whale? 100k should be the limit when I do employ a complexity limit that de-rendered you because I want at least 5 fps, please do not ***** about it when it notifies you that someone can't see you why do you have a pregnancy thing repeatedly blabbering on in local? best one: please do not send out mass TP's every 10 minutes, you'll be asked once to stop, you'll be blocked if done again
  6. the day that SL touches NFTs (and I really hope to god that they don't) is the day I cut my two premium memberships using actual money and retire after 16 years. i've already dropped arizona tea and pepsi products for dabbling in it. I have seen countless times where artists are having their content stolen and resold in the ponzi scheme, websites like opensea stop accepting DMCA claims, people having several thousand 3080's in warehouses consuming MW of power to mine cryptocrap crippling the power grid and making the global chip shortage worse than it needs to be. people running things like CAD and stuff stuck on cards 4 generations old because if by chance you CAN find anything in stock, it's 10x over MSRP. NFTs and crypto are a legitimate harmful cancer for everyone.
  7. see that's nice and all, but why am I only getting 5 out of the 30 or so SENT IN WORLD
  8. As the title says. I would get about 2 dozen group notices around this time 1 year ago with a couple of them not notifying me, but now? im lucky to get 5 of the dozens sent out, hardly any through email and it's getting annoying. I keep missing timed events and product updates, and asking me to dig through 70 groups to look at them by hand at least twice a day would be insane. is something in the back end getting worse, or is it something im unknowingly doing to myself? I don't know. anyone else experiencing anything similar or have some insight?
  9. liked their music, was considering paying if it meant having a url just at my house or something but it sounds like they gave us the bird and don't care about a solution
  10. RLV enabled robot avatar, had people freak out over "green text" or "why are you beeping?" favorite part is when I forget how battery is left and randomly die in front of people who seem confused that local chat turns into "that soul:..."
  11. I think a statue somewhere on grid would be fitting for him. wasn't expecting this when I got on
  12. thank you for everything you had done for us!
  13. Grateful that a trojan my BF unknowingly sent me didn't trigger
  14. annoyance [random-number-here]: going to any place and hear constant phallic/sex jokes, references, and more.
  15. two peeves: 1. people who randomly start talking over you mid sentence, you point it out and they apologise then do it 12 seconds later. 2. being the responding staff member to an incident, submitting evidence and chat logs to staff chat (discord room), then hours later other staff acting like the hours old incident wasn't responded to (because they prioritize IM's and 3AM discord calls over looking at staff chat) and the third and final staff member (the owner) wanting to whine and complain way after it's been resolved and proceeds to curse me out after i've done 95% of the work.
  16. Ditto with caspersafe, I can make custom areas for it to look at (it has an interactive zone maker) and has some nifty things like web based logs of who's been at your place, how long were they there for, and were they ejected? Bellisseria compliant as well if setup correctly
  17. the little hangout at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brodovima/118/66/41 im hoping if it's at all possible to have a vehicle rez spot on or near that area? arriving in style's fun but leaving's another issue
  18. they'll be available when they're available until then only the old ones show up. CS told me as much
  19. I am able to log back in, seems to have been a hiccup
  20. Having this issue on my main (me) and my alt, my bot however remains unaffected and he's been relogged to test it.
  21. I happen to have a SS Waffen that I wear while doing military stuff in SL, even had a swastika-esque arm band with a paw print instead, someone flipped their lid in a sandbox one day, swearing up and down that I was being an offense little poop (polite version) and more colorful things, apparently I was AR'ed and someone responded, they looked over my outfit, and left without saying or doing anything. Lesson: if you get offended by an already censored outfit, you have issues, just de-render the person and leave them alone.
  22. out of curiosity, what catalyst package do you have installed?
  23. Know what's funny? I did use someone elses identification in SL's infancy to sign up, I did ask this person and they agree'd to let me use their info, only because way back then, you had to use a cellphone to sign up, and our carrier wasn't supported. If someone would let you use their id to sign up, I see no problem at all. Not sure thats what's going on here, but lets not turn this thread into "LOL IDENTIFY THEFT!!!!!" in a nutshell: It was their account, then it got compromised, and they can't verify ownership through normal means, is there anything at all they can do to get it back?
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