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  1. Do you mean the AVENUE Mix + Mesh fashion fair? This event ended yesterday
  2. Blowpop (by Annyka Bekkers) has new really nice lace/sheer leggings
  3. Great suggestions everyone I've not been to some of the shops you mentioned, I'll go check for sure! I found this Flickr group just for makeup pics, great resource to find new makeup shops SL Cosmetics Flickr Group -- http://www.flickr.com/groups/slcosmetics/
  4. ooooh those are cute!!! Great find Harlow *want*
  5. Hi ViVi - First of all I love you :matte-motes-kiss: ! k - so my fav mesh item this season are these mesh houndstooth leggings from Maitreya!
  6. In this thread so far, yes - you're the only one
  7. Cherri - the tent is just a pic of the event venue there are some really cute items there at the event, I'm sure you'll like them
  8. Brianna - I have some gloss from Mock but I never got the full makeup. I'll for sure go check them out thanks for sharing! Cherri - I've never shopped @Facepaint. I'm going there now Have you seen Nona's and Kyoot makeup? They're pretty cool too! Nona's at Marketplace Kyoot
  9. I hope that we get to see lot of vibrant colors, bold prints, and geometric patterns this Spring! R.icielli's new collection has some fun colors and mesh clothing. Can't wait to see more
  10. I love makeup tattoos esp. yummy lipglosses :D I think makeup tattoos can completely change the look of a skin! We don't need to buy fatpacks of skins anymore. Tattoo is for sure the cheapest method to get a makeover :P [same skin: Before & after wearing eye makeup tattoo layer.] Of all the makeup stores that I know, I love La Malvada Mujer (artsy and unique makeup), Rozena (for lip gloss), Nuuna's (for eye makeup), Cheap Makeup, Lillian Shippie's, Glam Affair, and Cheerno makeup. What are some of your favorites? :)
  11. There are lot of menswear designers! Check out this directory http://madimage.wordpress.com/designer-directory/ My personal favorite is Cheerno Homme.
  12. Miaa Rebane

    Hat Outfits

    These are two of my favorite hat outfits This first one is called Merl - by Nardcotix (designer Nardya Rousselot) . I blogged this outfit here. and the second one is a couture gown, High Tea (designer Faint Paulse) from Ladies Who Lunch also blogged here. The hat outfits that you've posted is really pretty! Very classy and elegant <3
  13. I usually visit Joe Balbozar's flickr stream http://www.flickr.com/photos/joe_balbozar/ to find new SIMs
  14. Spring has sprung! With new trends on the horizon, here is a look at some of my favorites this season :) 1) Fleshtone Lana Leather Tote - buy it here 2) [TuTy's] SHOCK Electric flexi bob in Plum color - buy it here 3) This fun dress from the store Ladies Who Lunch - buy it here 4) This next one is not an item, it's an event - the EPOCH Legend event that runs from 26th FEBRUARY - 11th MARCH 2012 (PST) at this landmark. Probably the only event that I've been to so far where I wanted to buy everything! ;) 5) The Secret Store's - Circus buy it here This set includes : mesh hat, rigged mesh jacket, layer bodysuit/garters and socks. Beautiful & all so essential! My favorite is definitely the purple leather tote, and the zoology dress. What an amazing outfit! I'm sure that I'm missing lot of really nice items that probably you know about. What are you must-haves this season? :)
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