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  1. Nothing much to add but *boops deej nose* also fennecs. we rule. that is all
  2. when they start listening to the quiet users, the ones who eek by, and stop listening to the loud mouth know it all's, then and only then can they finally accomplish things.
  3. Gadget, that is exactly what is happening, they are trying to avoid certain channels to get the coins. big discussion a while back with some people, we've noticed quite a bit of people have been coming and asking how to do just this.
  4. yeah that's not going to accomplish much, after being here for this many years as I have. one learns. to fend for ones self unless it's fraud or another money matter.
  5. So this I am going to just go ahead and say 'wont work'. asset storage in it's self is high, something like 370petabytes. then bandwidth, employee payroll <other business expenses> so to justify 20 bucks a month. god they'd have to be highly insane, it would be like cutting there right leg off. I'm in this hosting business and trust me. "we want a cheaper prices" is what certain client of mine rave and **bleep** about. They do not understand. we are breaking even on our accounts currently, our upstream provider has just actaully raised our per gb cost. which we have to pass to the consumer. What the lab is doing is making sure all costs are covered and then making some what of a profit, they have too or sl drys up and we all move to opensim. so tl;dr. it costs money to provide SL to us, so please think before you go 'LOWER OUR TIERS' Some reason it replied to emilia, this was not directed at you. but another poster.
  6. Gadget, he's never going to understand this. if the lab does take them, I'm out, my company is out, we will be done. because it leaves to much risk involved and he'll come in say "what risk" oh money laundering, more legal issues for the lab, I can go on and on with him on this, but I am going to take the higher route and avoid getting myself into trouble.
  7. suffice to say when and if the lab ever accepts this as a source of payment, I will pull my assets and my businesses out of SL, I will not work with a company that accepts a source such as bitcoin. Many reason behind this but to not start or causes issues, I'll leave it as what I've stated above.
  8. They used to be able to do system wide messages using that bluebox dropdown. but from what I understand from a couple sources and not sure which one is the right one is that 1. you need a linden in god mode, but that god mode has to be 250 or more, nobody seems to have been reassigned this level so nobody can do it. 2. it was removed from active code so the ability to do it is now gone. 3. nobody knows the password to the account thats able to do it and they can not recover it because of a fail safe suffice to say, people who know people is were I got this info, none of it directly from the lab or it's employee's. so take it with a grain of salt, I have
  9. So still nothing from the lab on this. "State of the Linden" is what we need today. who's running LL, who's doing this or that and whats the game plan. people would like to know, this thread is proof.
  10. If people make sure there stations are not listed then it should work fine, it's the listing that gets things derped up. I learned years ago, to stay off shoutcasts radar, to block yap and make sure there listing was denied. plus keeps things under the radar, but last time I actaully streamed was back in 09, so I'm not sure what this new problem might be.
  11. This option has been around since I came into SL in 07. it's not new. it's just not exploited much anymore, since typically it hits the grey goo fence. so they have it set on timers and it spams, stops and spams more, all using the scripting functions. so block and mute. if you have a good viewer that has spam protection turn it on, you wont even see it then.
  12. Suffice to say, go in world and talk heavily to people, I'm not doing this because I charge 5k L$ to do these.
  13. Ayme, that sounds like the OP, has found one of the mmook scammers and saw the price and went "HEY i CAN DO THAT". because of the prices they quoted.
  14. Ah yes, I firmly remember when this person went on a tangent with the emerald speed rez.... suffice to say, he can not make any real legal threat upon you, he can try scare tactics, but that is all they are. since he's had other cases dismissed for such things it seems by reading whats on SLU, then I can pretty much say he's not got a leg to stand on. so, hun, just ignore the person and mute and what ever else you have to do. it's proven, there nuts.
  15. My inventory was been over 73k for 6 years. at one point it had surged to over 112k, but I've trimmed that down some. so 10k is not a limit at all. trust me, some of us are silly and keep everything.
  16. I login with this account every once in a while, mostly using my alt though. but yeah on moe I've got 2xx something friends and I've seen maybe 3 on in the last year lol.
  17. lo, you may use that as you wish jumpy and heh yeah not many whitfields left active, also call me moe. that big part is derpy lol.
  18. You have no idea who jumpy is do you? Suffice to say, Jumpy wont be going anywhere fast, and jumpy is jumpy, some like him, some dispise him, but in the end, he is jumpy.
  19. I can set the email address on my account to my phone 3175551212@revol.com and it will send the messages directly to my phone as a text message. I wonder if that's what is being done here. all I can suggest is contacting security@secondlife.com and see if they can help you take care of the situation.
  20. sounds to me like you are trying to use a proxy that's outside the bounds of normal port ranging. far as I'm aware there is no way to remove it without you personally rebuilding the client so it has the values you need. I could be wrong on the latter part. SL will run incredibly slow behind a proxy imo. but if you feel that you need to do that, then do it.
  21. First off, I'm not the same people who always comment, I was directed here by a friend to try and help, I saw the other replies and posted my own thoughts, which I can do and so I have. so now with that aside, the user in question has some kind of issue, has not been helpful that much with information that typically one would need to help diagnose the issue, but instead just blames the technology behind SL. which as we all know has it's up and downs, but there are not alot of us experecing issues anymore, since we know if we want to play SL, we have to stay ahead with our machines and our connections.
  22. I would have to say singularity at the most for that unit.
  23. you biting and yelling at people and seem to be refusing that THIS could be your system or connection and it just has to be SL. let these people help, listen to what they have to say and stop arguing with them. "my system is fine and perfect and nothing could ever be the matter with it" I work tier 1 support AKA end user support for a real company that handles end users and there computer problems. 9 times out of time, it's the users system or connection or printer or monitor that's cuasing issues.
  24. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Verena Vuckovic wrote: For your information, I am running a 76mbps connection on a top rate machine. ... ... running on an 80mbps connection. Interesting how your connection just gets better and better. Let me guess. Wireless router. I do not use SL with wireless, I've learned with auto negotiate and auto speeds and auto channels, the wireless speed never stays the same, even if you connection will stay about the same. wireless is a packet dropping maniac and SL does not like lost packets. So griff you might be correct.
  25. IP bans,Hardware Bans, mac address bans, all easy to get around and most people who are doing what you describe know exactly how to do it. it's not a trivial process either.
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