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  1. 2 hours ago, Lucia Nightfire said:

    SL concurrency was never in the millions. I don't think it has ever made it past 100k either.


    89k and the system tanked hard,  almost a week straight it did that and then died off, services were up and down.

  2. 14 hours ago, Hydra Acer said:

    Daniel, we must also take into account that today there are very good alternatives for streaming content retransmission. the adaptation of a viewer to be managed and used by streaming (like google's stadia or Microsoft's Xbox).

    Today thanks to this technology you can play games that require high performance on pc or mobile with low resources as long as you have a good internet connection.

    Personally I think LL should go in that direction. Focus the efforts in that its content can be used moderately well on any computer, whether it is a high performance pc, a mobile or a web browser.

    Onlive struggled with this, they had an SL viewer and a firestorm viewer from their service streamed, Sony ended up buying them out, killed it,  it's super expensive to do this,  as normal percentile bandwidth is cheap, on the scale of streaming,  you have to go all in and I'm not talking,  buying services as needed, I'm talking everything bought at once and then hoping and praying your upstream provider can get you a good percentile for the usage you are about to use.    why am I aware of the latter, I looked into it, full rendering, full backhaul, the works,   equipment wise,  not to bad,  250k,  loans can handle that, but filling the service, keeping it fully, competiting with google, ect.  yeah no,  and the upstream costs I could not build into fully for my customers to pay, I'm not eating that out of pocket,  service would be shutdown and sold within the first month.

  3. 23 hours ago, BjRazzz Qinan said:

    Second Life is needed now! Someone needs to put it up a viable alternative to Earth 2 and other ****!  As Second Life is proven and I'm tired of hearing about these scams.  I want to hear how Linden Labs is using this momentum to bring people to Second Life!

    Make it so SL is where everyone wants to come to when the bubble bursts.

    I joined when the bubble started in 2007, it burst a long time ago.

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  4. On 9/1/2021 at 1:41 AM, Manu Mysterious said:

    The following LL respond should be read twice: Unfortunately we do not possess the ability to restore any items, as we DO NOT MAINTAIN BACKUPS of ANY ACCOUNT INVENTORY. 
    That's fact and can be found in the LL terms/wiki. 



    They do maintain backups, they are just not backups for the consumer side, they are mass backups, meaning the 300+ petabytes of data they have,  they have redundancies, but they have no working method to extract that information and do per person backups.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Maximetron said:

    I really concerned about the message i received today. It was from a law office. It was enforcemet proceedings. Would be possible Linden Lab or other partners like Tilia actively send these kind cases directly to seller without any attention message for any mistake?

    Google the name of the law firm too.

  6. 14 hours ago, Paul Hexem said:

    To be fair, for most people when they log into SL and get a fraction of the FPS they get in everything else they play, that would appear to be a thing that's broken.

    "why does the fps suck in this game" I hear it daily,  I explain to them why, "that's such bull****, they should fix it, delete everything and start the game over"  daily..

  7. 5 hours ago, Echelon Alcott said:

    IMHO if people want to use VPNs, go for it. If people do not want to use VPNs, don't. 

    People using VPNs are not harming others. Therefore, do not force your beliefs on others, if what they do is not harming anyone.

    If a person does not understand the importance of privacy and how the lack of it can be used against him/her, that is a different matter.

    you should realize the world we live in their is no true privacy unless you are offline.   I'm speaking from ipsec experience and isp owner and webhosting provider. 

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  8. 5 hours ago, Giselle Kiyori said:

    Can I eat the cookies myself, pat your head, and just substitute a nice hug in lieu of cookies?

    but I must have cookies,  or I'll take chicken sandwiches. mhm.   hugs are cool,  long as I'm getting my head petted while this is happening,  my tailend likes to wag and it must wag or it gets unhappy.

  9. LL had a vr viewer testing for a bit,  basically to make this work, it would need to stay above 90 fps at all times which is impossible in SL, so it did make people sick, and then they moved on from the project,  the HMD market, while it was hyped lots, is still not very big or worthy to make work with SL,  I know there is a 3rd party that has a viewer or an addon for a viewer that makes it work, but I've not tested it.

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  10. On 10/13/2021 at 6:42 AM, Indy Melody said:

    I understand the OP's question was " mainly about policy pertaining to more than one person, none of whom are related or share the same residence, sharing just one account."  My question is how does the OP know a single account uses "multiple IP addresses using one account at different times of the day or week." 

    If someone is using a VPN, wouldn't that "mask" the IP address?

    yes,  but the hardware id's LL still knows. 

  11. 1 hour ago, bigmoe Whitfield said:

    while I dont like chui, I'm willing to test it.

    okay having tested it,  the shadows still 100% lower my fps massively, I turn them off, I get high fps again.   @Alexa Linden  has anybody looked at the rendering for the shadows?  there has to be something that can be done.   standing in a group of people and turn shadows on, I go from 45 fps to 7 fps.  turn them back off and back to 45fps.   so somethings not right.

  12. Forum date can not be changed,  I've tried in the past,  this happened when they changed from one forum to another and then to another, some of us ended up with 2 forum accounts,  LL has told me, they can not change it,  forum software,  which I've run many forums and still run one of the biggest on the planet, never come with the ability to change born on dates, aka the date the forum says you registered.


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