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  1. [10:40:53] [Second Life: The message sent to Firestorm Support English is still being processed. If the message does not appear in the next few minutes, it may have been dropped by the server.]
  2. [13:22:27] [Second Life: The message sent to Firestorm Support English is still being processed. If the message does not appear in the next few minutes, it may have been dropped by the server.] I got a dropped message error multiple times, then tried to close and re-open the group and got the upable to connect/sync error
  3. I haven't seen many issues and have not personally experienced any for several days. I had been reporting on https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/1683919
  4. Parhelion Palou wrote: Prokofy Neva wrote:This is all you need to know as to why you should not be using Firestorm as a viewer. Perhaps you missed what Whirly Fizzle posted (8 posts before yours): Perhaps not.
  5. Long ago there were reports made in the Phoenix Firestorm support groups about double posts and back then it was pretty quickly determined that the problem was in the network. A lot of times the affected user was using either a public hotspot or hotel internat, and mostly using WiFi. Once they returned to their home network the problem stopped. Thanks for posting, it points out that no network is immune from such problems, even when the usual performance tests show no problems.
  6. gunmaker wrote: so after spending about 3 minutes with the consoles:: So you spent a total of three minutes looking at three consoles, none of which actually tell you what data comes from the servers and what comes from the cache. Smart move. In your jira you mentioned that LL should have hired you when you submitted your "lucrative" resume, but it seems that this post doesn't demonstrate any programming skills. Maybe next time check the code and understand what data is coming from the servers and why.
  7. Second Life's Inventory Loss wiki page is helpful, but the very first step is anything but. The Clear History button will clear, among other things, your texture cache, but it will not clear the inventory cache, and that's all that needs clearing. Better at this point would be to use http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-improve-Viewer-performance/ta-p/1316923#Section_.2 to clear your cache. There are other solutions available, too, which don't require clearing your entire cache (why clear the texture cache for an issue not related to textures?), puts other steps before clearing your inventory cache (clearing cache should not be the first measure in every situation), and identifies just which portion of the cache should be cleared on http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_missing_inventory
  8. This happens most often if you accidentally choose to wear a full folder, or your complete inventory. It happens. The short answer is to simply detach what you've worn, but because the servers still see a queue of items to wear, it will keep adding those items whenever there is room to do so. The Firestorm team have a wiki page that addresses this issue, http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/wearing_entire_inventory . Nalate's blog may also be helpful.
  9. In my experience, LL will put the account "on hold" for an indefinite time if it has been reported compromised. I've not reported one myself but one friend had her account compromised, it was put on hold, and after several months the account disappeared. She isn't the kind of person to ask about that so I don't know why it was closed. Keep contacting LL and ask them for updates on the account status.
  10. My personal experience is mixed. I have reported griefers/attackers and after some short time (days) I see no evidence of them again, not even the sake kind of griefing/attacks. But then I have been reporting objects on premium land for several weeks, including the parcel owner, with no apprent response. Live chat was useless, and the objects remain, affecting at least two Linden home regions. Sometimes it makes me wonder what benefit I'm getting out of my premium account if I have to put up with this. Oh sure, I could move, but why should I have to resort to that? Sorry for ranting, but it is what it is, my experiences with abuse reporting. At least I didn't mention the hundreds (thousands?) of ARs made on someone who keeps abusing one of our support groups, for whom no apparent action is being taken.
  11. I've been trying to use the latest available V3 for Linux, but every time I open a file dialog, such as Build > Upload >Image or Prefs > Chat > Browse, the viewer will crash to desktop. As well, selecting Prefs > Advanced causes a CTD. I have logs for each atempt if anyone would care to peruse them, I'd be happy to attach them to a JIRA if someone has a recommendation as to which issue is most relevant (searching turned up lots of false positivves. Thanks in advance for any input Update (since I can't carry on a discussion in this system): Thank you Martin. It's unfortunate that the answer is hidden in a non-public jira issue. But thank you anyway for the response.
  12. According to https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-1438, it appears the incident report page is gone.
  13. Actually, the viewer does keep track of your time online, and it can be shown by going to the Develop menu (use Ctrl-Alt-Q to enable it) => Show Info => Show Time. For V1-based viewers go to the Advanced menu (Ctrl-Alt-D to enable) => UI => Show Time. This will place two timers in the lower right, one showing total time online, the other showing how much time is spent fetching textures. The V1-based display (at least in Phoenix) also shows framerate, physics FPS and time dilation
  14. OK, so Lydia is a little late hopping onto the bandwagon. Maybe her network is a little slower. That's OK. Has anyone noticed that LL's own web profiles don't comply with the spirit of the TPV policy against showing true online status? Yeah, I know, my.secondlife.com is not a TPV so it doesn't have to comply. But since viewers like Phoenix and Firestorm still offer a legacy profile floater, and that has Web tab that shows the user's web profile, even TPV's have LL's blessing to show true online status, in a roundabout way.
  15. The first thing I would recommend is to use the latest non-mesh version of Phoenix, It fixes some bugs and adds a feature or two. But that's not the problem, I don't think. Usually getting that "you've been disconnected" messages is because either one of the servers or the viewer stopped answering an "are you awake" ping from the other side. After two minutes of no responses, the server or viewer will assume the connection is broken and proceed to log you out. Details might be in your viewer logs, and the Phoenix Firestorm Team can help you check them for possible causes any any available fixes. But the first thing we will want you to do is check your network connection. We have a handly little wiki page just for this, it's at http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/speedtest. If that doesn't help you, follow the steps in http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/file_a_jira to create a support request and attach your logs. Indicate that you already ran the speedtest, and note what your bandwidth setting is.
  16. I would love to hear if there is some way LL can allow one-time-use as well as pre-paid cards on a regular basis instead of as one-off transactions. I think it's a problem with the transaction type, or something, that indicates a subscription purchase, and I believe pre-paid companies don't honor those since they could cost the card company in NSF expenses.
  17. I see that if an item is unassociated it can be returned to my inventory. But once a listing is created, how do I do that? How do I return an item that I no longer want to sell?
  18. I'm not quite clear on the whole "wait" concept. LL have had a chance to work on DD in beta for quite a while, and the day the roll it out live it's being problematic. So we wait? For what? If it's available, it should be used, yes? Well I can't use it, I can't send even one item to marketplace because of a network error. Marketplace itself is also very slow to respond. It's not the network because I've tested it, so I assume it's the server. Didn't LL plan on every single merchant trying to update their store at the same time? Didn't they think this part through? Perhaps they did with as much dilligence as they did for product relisting convenience. I for one will not wait. It's supposed to work today. I will continue to hammer at their servers until I get through.
  19. Ann Otoole wrote: so if this process takes 5 minutes per, someone with 500 products is expected to expend 42 hours complying with a commerce team idea. A better example of LL thinking things through I can't imagine. LL could stand to hire a risk assessment team.
  20. If you look at the history of viewer development, you will see that TPVs have been at the fore of pretty much every cool feature that you now have in LLs viewer, plus one or two that haven't made it there. In every case, the feature was a hack. They weren't pretty hacks, but they got the job done. And when second attach hit Emerald it was only after the Emerald team presented it to LL. LL rejected it. So the Emerald team went ahead with their hack and everyone using Emerald, and every TPV that dropped that code into their viewers, saw those attachments properly. The feature was a hit, even though every LL viewer user was unable to see them correctly. Eventually, LL created multi-attach, and now everyone enjoys that feature. But if Emerald binned the idea because LL rejected it, would we have multi-attach today? Maybe, maybe not. No one knows for sure. The same kind of process occurred for other features, which were presented to LL and which LL rejected. When the TPVs deployed viewers with those features, they were huge successes, but they were still hacks because only LL has access to the servers and the server code, and only LL can make most such features work right. Now, with the addition of 2.k to the TPV policy, any feature that would allow, say, Firestorm users, to enjoy something like Parcel Windlight, but would not be likewise rendered on an LL viewer, would be a violation of the policy. TPV developers must now present the feature to LL and develop it in their codebase (working for LL without pay?), but only after LL have reviewed the feature and decided it should be added. What if they said no? You can read into the policy changes what you like. It's all speculation. Even the official line from LL as to the motive and goal for the changes doesn't seem to be the full truth. But then LL doesn't have to explain themselves, they're a business trying to do business, which really has little to do with its users. They are answerable to their shareholders, who may have never set foot in SL and who may have no stakes inworld, not to SL users no matter how much money LL receives from them. So one policy change says viewers can't announce viewer tags. But LL decided to block that data anyway, so it really doesn't seem relevant whether the viewers send tags or not. Another policy change is intended to protect user privacy by not circumventing their choice to hide their online status. Kind of pointless since you cannot hide from friends unless you opt out of that on a per-friend basis, and you can't hide from those who belong to the same groups as you even if you wanted to. And 2.k is being seen as the bill TPV killer, but it's not when you consider how narrow the scope of "shared experience" is. LL have flat out told us they will not define "shared experience" so we can only assume that it means something that everyone sees the same way as everyone else, regardless of which viewer you use. This means RLV isn't affected since it only changes your own experience and not yours, and user interfaces and configurations aren't part of the shared experience, so they aren't affected. What would be affected are things like the mesh deformer (I don't see how, but I don't make the goofy decisions), and Parcel Windlight, which got the grandfather nod. Some users who don't like these policy changes or the goofy decisions made to the servers to enforce one of them have made suggestions that would circumvent the viewer tag filter that LL gave us (I wonder if that's a shared experience thing, since no one using an LL viewer is affected, but everyone on a TPV is. Hmm.). They're great ideas, but they would still generate a violation. But there's nothing LL can do if you decide to identify your viewer in your display name or group tag. That is not a violation of any policy. There are several groups that coincidentally popped into existence, one for each TPV. They're called I <3 abc, where abc is the name of a TPV. Chat is disabled, so that's not a worry. And you can wear that tag proudly and show LL just what you think about their decision to block viewer tags.
  21. The subject says it all. I can add items to favorites, but I can't seem to locate those favorites without adding something else to the list. I found it. It's not intuitively placed anywhere on the marketplace pages, but instead it's located on the My Accounts page.
  22. You can always change the ban line for yourself. Look for C:\Program Files (x86)\SecondLifeViewer\skins\default\textures\world\NoEntryLines.png (or a similar path). Change it, make it something you would like to put up with. If you don't use the SL Viewer, you'll find the same or similarly named file in the same general path of every V2/V3-based viewer.
  23. It may be a system issue. It fails to accept an account-backed visa from two different institutions.
  24. If it isn't monthly, I wonder why the current gift is marked September? Unless that's the only way we know it isn't new. If it is monthly, it's now 12 days into the month and the Septermber is still there. Just saying
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