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  1. A little after the date, but I thought that this soulution would help. In the voice settings go to Preferences | Voice Settings | Audio Device Settings ( whilst logged in). Change Input from Default to Builit in Microphone and Output to Built in Output. I have not set it to other devices as yet. Seems to have worked for me. see http://jira.phoenixviewer.com/browse/FIRE-11990
  2. I have had no problems with the new MacBook Pro 15" (non retina) running Lion in terms of running Firestorm and LL viewers in ultra rather than low/mid mode. I am finding all viewers much more stable and reliable. From the performance issue I have been delighted. Some software e.g. rosetta based has died now and I will have to upgrade parallels for instance.I am avoiding the Retina model because of the very very limited for upgrading and I cannot afford to throw away a laptop when I want a larger hardrive etc. I have had fewer compatibility with CS3 than I had expected ( I really really do not wish to throw away perfectly good software). Not having a CD disks for Lion is a nighmare not the ability to readilty create one. You cannot use an older operating system than the date of the new machine, which is a pain. Forget sticking to snow leopard for instance. On my broadband I can easily spend hours downloading. If you are using it for development work like building a new viewer can be a nightmare due to restriction on using 32bit libraries etc requiring a lot of set up work and the new xcode etc etc. .With mountain lion I think that will no longer support many earlier Macs anymore.
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