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  1. Hi, Mesh, unlike sculpts can't be made smaller than .01.once uploaded to SL. So if you are making small pieces you will have to add a larger object attached to it, such as a plane or cube. which will have a different material which you can make transparent once uploaded. Making small individual pieces however is not that efficient and doesn't save prims compared to sculpts. It works better if you can make combined mesh items made of a few objects together (perhaps those with the same material?) or even a whole necklace or section of your design, then use one plane to increase the scaling o
  2. Hi, my advice would be to centre your front face, and have the rear faces in quarters in the 4 corners of the texture. Find a really good image of a gemstone face and scale it to fit the front of your gem. If you have used acurate diamond cuts on your model, you can see where to move the same points on your texture to match. Remember to pin your texture so results will remain as you have adjusted them. Make up the back of the gem, using the same texture ensuring direction goes to a point in each corner. It really doesnt matter too much how this looks as very little of a gemstone back is visibl
  3. Texture change items appear no mod in your inventory by default because of the script which is almost always no mod. If items are mod you would have to rez each one to re-name them before bringing back into your inventory.
  4. As a builder and merchant, simply extra features I use every day, such as copy/paste size rotate and location and align prims. Just makes everything quicker to do without added time to work out maths. One time firestorm was problematic when uploading mesh so mostly I used the official viewer for this task, but lately mesh uploads too are easier with more recent firestorm updates. As Phil says I find it much more useful to use regular profiles, when dealing with customer service, rather than web based ones. And lastly it runs smoothly on my laptop which I use wirelessly.
  5. Thank you everyone for helpful replies. Will have a go and hopfully things will work out better. I think perhaps planning order of appending objects before adding them will be helpful, more thought needed before putting items together may pay dividends. Thanks again Chrissy
  6. Thanks Drongle, for your help I still have a question and I have not found an issue with not using all the materials within the file. I make jewelry and put together gemstones and metals in combinations before upload. Some are appended from a master file with bits and pieces I made for use. In any blender file there maybe several materials, not all used for every model depending on what is needed. Say, I have 2 objects, one uses a metal, a pear gemstone and a brilliant cut gem occupying slots 1 , 2 and 3. The next model only uses a metal and a billiant cut stone so using again face 1 and 2,
  7. I wonder if anyone can help, having problems finding a way to change the order of materials in Blender. I want to make sure that face numbers remain consistant within similar objects uploaded in various combinations. I can see the oder of materials in the menu, but how can I change this order before exporting an object to collada. Sorry for this simple question. Thank you in advance for assitance Chrissy
  8. I often make sections of jewelry to upload, which I can still edit for shape in Sl but will still cut down the total prim count. Identical objects share the same faces so you can add quite a few together and mix with a up to 7 different item faces and you can add a plane to the upload to increase the object depth, which can be made transparent I try not to use single prims where possible because unless you use a very high Lod for all distances it will disappear very quickly, being very small, and a larger Lod causes more issues for the wearer and viewer. Bigger sections of jewelry will still
  9. Hi I think the problem is not with the mesh itself, but the materials or faces. Try adding a new material, say for jewelry add an additional plane with a new texture which you can make transparent later. This often solves the error issue on uploading.
  10. You can still buy Styles of edo items on Marketplace, but there is no longer any inworld store, nor any inworld location where you can find his things. edo Tone is still the owner of the marketplace store, but no new designs will be created for his brand. Items are those previously sold inworld. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/8361
  11. I think they must have sent this e-mail to all merchants with marketplace listings. I got one but all my stuff is DD and has been for 6 months. Ive no Magic Boxes left at all.
  12. Hi, Your received items folder is not within your main inventory, unless you are using older viewers. Look for the Received items on the bottom of the frame of your inventory. When objects arrive from merchants using direct delivery, objects go into this space and their arrival is marked there being a quantity 1 or more objects next to the received items. Click on the box to open the folder and view what is inside All items remain there until you move them to where you would like them to be. Hope this is helpful Chrissy
  13. To control the angles you need to go to control points in the whilst the curve is in edit (under curve menu) , choose the points where you want to change the angle and select tilt. Can get a bit wild, but can be controlled and click when you have finished Do this when you have the array modifyer on the object so you can see the effect of the tilt. .
  14. Hi, You have to take the test again specifically for the Beta Grid, then wait 24 hours to be able to upload mesh there. I follwed this link for full instructions and the test for Mesh on Beta http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh. Hope this helps. Chrissy
  15. Hi, This may be the blind leading the blind as Im not very experienced with blender, but ive used the array and curved modifyer a lot with jewelry pieces. so I would recommend setting the origin to 0 for the object you wish to multiply and then do the steps you already tried, the array then curved modifier. Then try moving the object or the circle up or down and see what happens. I have seen that a horribly distorted looking array can re-form into a circle when ive moved either of the 2 objects. Someone else maybe can answer better but this worked for me. Chrissy
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