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  1. Thats very true Bobbie, however when one brain dead person leaves a mark on your Avi that you are unable remove (other so called Vampires can tell you have been bitten) then thats bloody annoying especially if you did NOT give permission, you have NEVER become part of any games like that or joined anything remotely like it, you remained totally unaware until another Vampire informed you then sorry, that is a good reason to get very annoyed be it game of otherwise but the biggest thing that bugs me is Linden are not prepared to do anything about it other than tell you to create a new Avi!!! s
  2. If I was a Muslim or a Jew and had bacon thrown at me or bitten by a Pig then that would be okay as well would it? Well I am a Christian and this Vampire ***** goes against everything i believe in so what's the difference? And to answer some comments made: bigmoe. Legal issues or not if I knew who it was then I would go for it and regarding the 'game' I don't have a clue as it was done without my knowledge and I have never joined any game. Lillith. Mute, Ignore, Move on. is all fine when you know or have been asked but many of these idiots do things in secret with no prior warning, I only foun
  3. Is anybody else getting their emails on sales in a foreign language now? my last few emails sent to my home are not in English, I have gone to the top of the page on my desktop and re-clicked English as my preference but my emails are still coming in some other language other than English, any suggestions please. johnboy snoodle
  4. Lots of comments shooting me down about reading and googling, but let me ask you this. Why did I see in green writing on the sign in screen a warning that we should tell Linden about things and to also try a new program they had brought out, together with an implication that sl 'might' close ??? First, that came from Linden, second, if I am told somthing from the company that supplies it then I would suggest it might just be true !! It was obviously not only my screen that had the warning because it was brought to my attention by others at which point I signed out then came back on to read
  5. yes, google second life closing and see what you come up with !!
  6. Thats strange, I sign in every day and have not seen one single comment regarding it and as I am not a mind reader either then maybe it was displayed in the wrong places? Think, if I have not seen anything then a good many others have not seen anything either and that's where rumors start and grow.
  7. Considering this topic is on every forum all over the web, in news report's and in magazine articles then don’t you think it is somewhat imperative that Linden makes a formal announcement saying as such, talk to anybody in SL and the opinion is the same (rightly or wrongly) I have heard people talking in shops saying that they will not buy anything now as it’s not worth it, go to other grids, Inworldz for one, and you will hear people talking about SL closing down, unless somebody gets their fingers out and does something about it like having a statement on all sign in screens, placing notices
  8. I cannot believe anybody in business could be so stupid as to make public that SL is closing down, have they even thought of the ramifications that could bring? people are no longer going to buy large items for a few thousand Lindens knowing that they could/will lose them because they cannot take them out of sl, why bother buying clothes, Houses, machines, Boats knowing that it will be money wasted when sl closes, if there was ever a death wish put on sl then this coming from the lab itself must be the king of all death wishes to kill a business. There are so many things that people have becom
  9. Probably the same as me, with the reduction of sales week after week, hight tier prices, low prim counts, introductions and changes to viewers, so called upgrades, more and more changes to the way SL works like introducing Mesh for tech wizards the point came where they probably just had enough of it all, I had a lot of land and 49 shops spread over SL, I have now sold all my land and closed all my shops as I dont really see the point of working just to pass all money over to Linden. This used to be a good world for EVERYBODY, now it is for youngsters and those who have lots of money, a vanis
  10. I feel that SL is holding back many merchants expand by their 'lump' pricing, ie: if one has the amount of land allowed in the 'lump' figure then to just take another 512 over the top of this means that we have to pay the full amount of the next level?This is WRONG, after a certain amount of land has been purchased, say, 8192, then the pricing should be adjusted to pay for extra land at a 512 plot price, this would allow for extra land to be purchased allowing people to expand and place new shops or extend the shops they have without being hit with double the fees they are paying at present.
  11. A plot of land has been subdevided and apartments placed on the land, the new plot has been given a new name from the main land but I cant seem to set teh new plot to allow tenants to set 'Home' to it and I cannot see anything on the land or group menu to allow this, how can I do this please
  12. Just to clear a few things up, I did not join the land as the main one is for the shop and sales and the 'new' land is for rentals, the only thing I have done is to divide the new land in three parcels and placed as residential, the old land is still the same as in key words and is still in all catagorys so nothing has changed regarding search (he says with a laugh) one of my other parcels of land in another area though is still good and shows good sales so somehting is wrong somewhere and I dont think it is to do with the land I have always had, the land next to the new land that is. Just h
  13. I have just purchased some more land next to me so that I may expand a little, but since the day I purchased my sales have dropped something like 95% !!!!! I am sure it has something to do with my new land and the search engine, too much of a coincidence that ALL sales should suddenly drop by such a vast amount the second I set up the new search on the extra land. If you want to stay in business then DO NOT BUY MORE LAND or Linden will screw you.
  14. Jesus Christ, when will you blo*dy lot stop messing about with all the settings and just leave things to settle down a little, if it's not one thing it's another and I am getting sick of it, I suppose we will now see a return to bad search, bad listing's, and loss of money again? it seems every time things start to improve a bit, you steam in and mess it all up again just for the hell of it, if you want to change things for the better, then lower the tiers and also make land charges by the 512 plot, not lumped in all together so just 1 mtr over the 'block' and you hit people with a full new ch
  15. Hello Sarah, I hate these rip off clowns with a passion, people trying to play god and feel important at anyone's cost, sheesh it stinks. If you go to one of my shops, probably the Maclane one as there is a vendor there as well Look round the houses and walk round them, choose a house that you like, send me a notecard with the name of the house, and I will sent you one free of charge, I cant offer land but at least you will have a house to put on the land when you get it xx The slur for the Maclane shop is here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Maclane/83/18/26/
  16. The only way to remove the item back to 'owners' land is to file an abuse report, the reason "return" will not work is because the main prim is on next doors land and the only way to get this corrected is with the help of Linden. Don't worry about upsetting the neighbour, if they were nice then the problem would have already been sorted at the first request, at least this way you have more chance that they will act in the appropriate manner as they should be.
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