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  1. Interesting. They don't have the word filter turned on yet. WoooHooo!!!
  2. lol looking to make this a "let this one die" thread ??? Welcome Marianne.
  3. Wilhiam Hydraconis wrote: I gotta get used to this first and I was never entertaining to begin with anyway .. /me returns to stumbling about. Hands Wilhiam a chair for support. (Had a quick peak at your photobucket, seems the links work but not images uploaded to here yet) Welcome! :smileyhappy:
  4. Terrific Torley! But how can we mere mortals post our images that are uploaded?
  5. Mags Indigo wrote: OOOhhhhhh - here we go with the new thingy... Welcome back everyone :smileyhappy: Hi Mags, lots to play with. Wlecome back! :smileyvery-happy:
  6. /me makes shadow puppets on the wall for Ima's amusement. /me smiles:robottongue: Welcome back Ima
  7. I see the DT's were starting to set in there Maureen. Glad to see you.
  8. Venus Petrov wrote: I would toss in a dancing emoticon to entertain you but I do not see any! OK, well, use your imagination. Dancing or not Venus you always are entertaining. Can I get a kudo now? Even a hell ya! would be nice.
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