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  1. Hey, has anyone seen a Maitreya mesh bikini like this in SL?

    I’ve looked on MP and have found, and bought 😉, a few micro bikinis but nothing like this. As skimpy as this is, I love the detail with the zig-zag stitching along the edges. 





    Maybe someone has seen a bikini like this at an event or a store in world? I looked at FaMESHedX last night and there was a micro bikini from Lana Moon (I bought), but I still would love to find one like this. 

  2. I’ll admit it - I’m a Second Life clothes whore. I love seeing an outfit in real life and thinking 'I bet I can put that look together in Second Life'. I have about 17K items in my inventory after a major cleaning and the majority is in fact clothing. If there is a addiction support group in world with a 12 step program I should be attending the meetings? Can you send me a LM and a schedule?

    Also, I just recently purchased a mesh body and as a result am now putting together some new outfits and saving them in, you guessed it, Outfits. I noticed the number of saved Outfits I have is now in excess of 250!

    I'm just curious of how many saved Outfits do some of you other self confessed clothes whores have?

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