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  1. When i will try to click 'My marketplace ' .. it will not work at all. I cannot add new products..and even check marketplace inventory..only can see my products as a visitor. I sent a ticket to linden but no answer so far . does someone know how to resolove it ? ------------------ hi,valerie Inshan . Thanks for your comment... i havent used firefox ..yeah.. i am using IE.. but through MSN .. ^^;;; I will check my browser MSN , IE.. and try to log in market place again .. thanks for your answer ^^
  2. Help me. My products have repeated to be unlisted .. Now i have over 10 products. I really cannot understand why they will be unlisted. So now i have copy the page of the products of market place. Please read this and tell me if there will be wrong words or category .ty /////////////////////////////////////////// prepared Goblin house with 4 bow windows. This is very cute but atomospheric house. Of course we prepare it with mod/copy permission. I hate easy transparent texture of walls . When we will rezz something with transprent prims, the wall texture will effects not good (double transparent textures) So .. I made my house wall with no transparent wall texture.. only window textures can be changed the rate of transparancy .. And perhaps you will be very surprised at this quality .. And only 399L$ ^^ Please visit my store and make sure its value ! Features********* ::Mod/copy ::84prims included romance bench/oak tree/lamp ::Oak tree >Touch on/off birds sounds ::lockable doors ::2 terraces ::4 bow windows ::Wall lamp> touch on/off ::Footprint >25mx30m ::2floors / teleporters included ::Romance bench included 84prims. 14poses/21animations You can use this house as your private house, villa and of course as your shop ! Hope you will enjoy with this house! house, goblin , rustic, rural , villa, home, terraced house, bow window, bench, beautiful , original textures, home and garden < furnitures< exteriors
  3. My products in market place have been unlisted MANY MANY times... WHy ? WHy must I send ticket many times without my fault for listing ? Must send ticket again and again ? add more info ) Thank you for answering about my question ... In fact all products delisted are skybox platforms and houses.. and their categories > garden & home > furnitues .. and i dont think keywords will not be wrong for listing >> fairytale , fairy tale, rustic,goblin, rural, country house, house, home, building, cottage, cabin , awesome texture , chair, hanging chair >> is there any wrong keywords ? ???? i cannot find any wrong keywords ^^;;;;
  4. Oh. ! thank you very much for your quick response ! I'm very happy to get your answer so early ! .. Ok . I will submit a ticket .. and last advice about 'dont relist the items again ' is ok ..because I cannot edit the product profile again !.. Really thanks ! and i sent a ticket to Linden !
  5. From Several days , my products in market place have been banned from lists because of their categories. I tried to remake the product new ..but it is so difficult to rewrite without prior data. In fact I cannot edit products profiles after refusal listing to Marketplace .It is so hard work to make it from the scratch . So .my question is >>> How should i edit product profile with refering current product ones . Please teach me how to do it ! ty
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