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  1. Using colour palettes to generate harmonious colour schemes is a time saving process when creating digital imagery and graphics, and is especially useful when the same set of colours need to be used on a number of projects. A basic example of this could be graphics used to brand a club or store. Once the colour scheme has been established, a palette makes it easy to add the same colours to new logos, posters and whatever else comes to mind. Click here to learn more
  2. Thank you Harmony. I saw the notices posted about the Blind Frog club, and kept them in mind. The only thing that stopped me from contacting them so far is I already have a blues set elsewhere and would like some variety. The club does seem promising though so will contact Eddie soon.
  3. I have around 5-6 years experience DJ-ing in Second Life, and I'm looking for one or two new clubs to gig at. A friendly, relaxed and fun atmosphere always makes the job more enjoyable. Small clubs are prefered because its easier to engage with people - so long as they're not mostly empty. Genres include rock/alternative/blues. My time is GMT (SLT +8) My auto DJ stream will give you a rough idea of some of the rock and alternative I play, (Ihaven't set the stream up for other genres yet), although there are a few tracks here clearly not too suitable for many clubs. No
  4. This year's festive jigsaw puzzle from SL-Inspiration is a little different in that its a small planet scene. The image was taken at Dreamers, which offers a great Christmas scene to help immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the season. This jigsaw puzzle is available to download and keep, so you can solve it in your own time, or you can play it on the SL-Inspiration page.
  5. Sorry to tell you that Black Dragon does use up a lot of PC resources. As I have said its brilliant for taking SL pics, but in my experience the settings have to be high to do this, and thats when its likely to crash a PC with moderate specs. I'm not criticising your viewer, just stating facts. My PC has an i5 processor, 12GB RAM and an Nividia 760 card. I use this because I can't presently afford to get a better PC. If I open Black Dragon and tweak settings to take decent photos the frame rate will go down to single figures and the viewer will eventually crash. If I don't tweak the settings
  6. I really can't be bothered to read all this. All I saw was that I mentioned your viewer in my oringal comment. You would have noticed then that I said Black Dragon makes a difference with improving images. In fact it has a brilliant reputation for this. I also said that it consumes a lot of PC resources, which means those that don't have a high end PC can't use it. The very fact that I mentioned Black Dragon is a good for SL photography, pretty much undermines everything you've said. I also think that the fact you took the time to needlessly piss all over my post shows quite a dregree of
  7. It surprises me to hear some people decry the use of Photoshop and similar software, since professional photographers tend to use raw image files which need to be edited. I'm just wondering if you use raw image files for your RL photgraphy? I'm sure you know better than me that Jpegs have already lost a lot of information, so its not suprising if issues arise through sharpening etc. I think some of what you say goes to the heart of the issue here. Not wanting to put words into her mouth, but I think Niran may be considering SL snapshots as images, but since I use photo manipulation softwa
  8. I've found many people who may have mental health issues in RL, see Second Life as a huge benefit. It can be a social setting that they would otherwise be unable to experience, and a way of personal expression without feeling as vulnerable. For some it can be a means of leaving behind some of the mental health issues they live with in RL. I can however think of a few people I have met in SL whose behaviour has been quite challenging.
  9. I agree completely. I come at image making from a ffine art point of view, and in the final analysis it the image that matters. I break rules and break images too lol
  10. You're right, the tutorial is about how to use the high pass filter in Gimp. Gimp offers a number of ways to sharpen images. I think its worth pointing out, no one is pointing a gun at anyone's head and saying sharpen your images. But in spite of what one naysayer here may think, it is a very useful tool when working on images.
  11. If people want to use filters they will. If you don't want to then don't .Its a free world full of choices. Rather than trying to undermine other people's hard work, why not start a blog and go to the trouble of writing a few tutorials on what you percieve to be your expertise. That is much better than infecting other people's content with your negativity. What you call visible effects of sharpening are in this example banding. That is caused by gradients in colour, as you can see in the sky. This has become visible due to editing colour. Sharpening the image doesn't really make it wors
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