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  1. My old account has been frozen 5 weeks ago. Until today i still dont know why. I sended 2 tickets to the support but no answer. I phoned the support from germany to usa. I got no answer why they freezed my account. In that time i lost my sim, my shop and a lot of friends in sl. Is this the american way of live? to leave customers alone with problems? to ignore sended tickets? A good way to improve the support. I am thinking about leaving sl to opensim. I have some business in germany in reallife. If i would handle my customers like LL do, i would be bankrupt in short time. I done nothing wron
  2. I had one account until 3 weeks ago. From that day my account was blocked. No message from lindenlab until today why they blocked my account. No answer when i contacted the support hotline. Until today i lost my land, my shop, my items and my lindendollars in sl. But everthing is good for Linden and everything will be better. I will never spent 1 Euro in SL. If this is your way of customer service you should not be surprised if your residents will leave sl one by one Chrissi from germany
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