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  1. That's what I thought but it has been reported to me that someone can do it. Is there a possibility that some TPV has the ability? Or even a hacked copy of a TPV?
  2. I am building an object which itself contains new owner no copy, no modify objects,scripts and notecards. Can a new owner change the description of the enclosed objects? The new owner can see the descriptions of the enclosed objects by editing the enclosing object and checking their properties. How do you preserve the contents unchanged?
  3. I seem to remember that it was possible to chat on a different channel than 0. This could be useful to communicate with an object's script which was listening on that channel. How do you do it with Viewer 3/
  4. A great idea Maeve. One comment about the randomization. if you always choose a rectangular pattern of images and it is possible to choose as many different images are there are divisions along one of the sides, then the optimum randomization can be generated by using a "Latin Square" in which no image is repeated on any row or column of the area. Hope that that helps.
  5. As a returning second life citizen I am just getting used to this viewer 2.8.3 and find it difficult to know exactly where I am. I was accustomed to viewing the exact location in viewer 1 at the top of the screen. Is this available in viewer 2? If yes how do you get it to display.
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