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  1. OK I will try to send the object. Please be aware that there are some security elements within the scripts which may need explanation. Please just try the game before you explore the scripts within all the sub-objects. I also have some other objects related to the game - noticeboard, notecard etc I will include them. Please examine the object and if any problems send an IM to Gregory McLeod. I will not terminate my account until you are satisfied you understand the object and it's scripts.
  2. Congratulations MishkaKatyusha you have won the chance to receive the ChinChek - Chinese Checkers Game. Please contact me when you can be avaiable to meet in-world when i will give you all you need to develop this further.
  3. The OBJECT is a critical part of the Game and cannot be posted in script form. The scripts could be posted but would be meaningless, which is why I want someone to take ownership of the game.
  4. I am about to delete my account and take up other pastimes. I have spent too many hours scripting. What have I achieved, one Chinese Checker playing game. I would like to donate this to someone with the time and interest to take it and make use of it for gain or not as they will. The game is known as ChinChek and appeared in a few places but I never managed to make money out ot it. CAN YOU? Please apply to Gregory McLeod with a statement of what you might be able to do with the game. I will decide who gets it on the 31st December and provide a sample plus all the scripting at no charge.
  5. Thanks. I may come back to ask for more help once I have read/viewed those suggestions.
  6. I need to get to grips with MESH. I need a pointer to tutorials or other guides on what is required to understand what is possible with MESH and then how to 'make' them.
  7. I have just finished working for the LigafutbolVirtual soccer game. I am now suffering from LSL scripting withdrawal symptoms. If you have a good interesting project that needs a skilled scripter please let me know.
  8. Thanks I knew someone would tell me what I could find.
  9. I have just terminated my involvement with a large multi-player game and am suffering LSL withdrawal symptoms. I am looking fo a project to which I could bring my skills in LSL and Project development.
  10. I do not know if you have had any other replies but I am suffering from SL scripting withdrawal symptoms having just finished my involvement with what was a major multi player game in SL. I could help depending on waht level of help you require, Please send me an IM and we could meet and talk about it. I am in the UK so bear that in mind when you respond
  11. That has provided an answer which works, thank you. I was trying to use the examples in the link provided before and just could not get them to work. Now I have working lsl and php scripts I can expand on them to find out what is happening in my HUD.
  12. To try to resolve what I think may be a misunderstanding between us Darkie I show the whole of the PHP script that is being called and the method of calling. The method of calling <q> string SERVER_URL = "http://awebsite.com/folder1/folder2/manager.php?action=UPDATE"; key SERVER_REQ_ID; integer id; id = -1; request_server() { SERVER_REQ_ID = llHTTPRequest( SERVER_URL+"&id="+(string)id, [], "" ); } other lines of code </q> the receiving website manager.php <q> <?php include_once('bin/DBHandler.php'); $USE_APACHE_HEADERS = TRUE; // switch to false if you need cgi methods if ($USE_APACHE_HEADERS) { $headers = apache_request_headers(); $objectgrid = $headers["X-SecondLife-Shard"]; $objectname = $headers["X-SecondLife-Object-Name"]; $objectkey = $headers["X-SecondLife-Object-Key"]; $objectpos = $headers["X-SecondLife-Local-Position"]; $ownerkey = $headers["X-SecondLife-Owner-Key"]; $ownername = $headers["X-SecondLife-Owner-Name"]; $regiondata = $headers["X-SecondLife-Region"]; $regiontmp = explode ("(",$regiondata); // cut cords off $regionpos = explode (")",$regiontmp[1]); // $regionname = substr($regiontmp[0],0,-1); // cut last space from simname } else { $db = $GLOBALS; $headers = $db['HTTP_ENV_VARS']; $objectgrid = $headers["HTTP_X_SECONDLIFE_SHARD"]; $objectname = $headers["HTTP_X_SECONDLIFE_OBJECT_NAME"]; $objectkey = $headers["HTTP_X_SECONDLIFE_OBJECT_KEY"]; $ownerkey = $headers["HTTP_X_SECONDLIFE_OWNER_KEY"]; $objectpos = $headers["HTTP_X_SECONDLIFE_LOCAL_POSITION"]; $ownername = $headers["HTTP_X_SECONDLIFE_OWNER_NAME"]; $regiondata = $headers["HTTP_X_SECONDLIFE_REGION"]; $regiontmp = explode ("(",$regiondata); $regionpos = explode (")",$regiontmp[1]); $regionname = substr($regiontmp[0],0,-1); } if(!isset($ownerkey)) { print "INVALID_ACCESS";; } $db = new DBHandler(); function createSurl($reg, $p) { $p = str_replace ( "(" , "" , $p ); $p = str_replace ( ")" , "" , $p ); $c = split ( "," , $p); return "secondlife://$reg/$c[0]/$c[1]/$c[2]"; } $action = $_GET['action']; switch($action) { case "UPDATE": $id = $_GET['id']; if( is_numeric ($id) ) { if($id == -1) { $index = $db->getLastIndex() + 1; if($db->addField($index, $ownername, createSurl($regionname, $objectpos))) print "NEW,$index"; else print "Database Error"; } else if($id > 0) { if($db->isField($id)) { if($db->updateField($id, $ownername, createSurl($regionname, $objectpos))) { if($db->isFieldActive($id)) print "ENABLE"; else print "DISABLE"; } else { print "DISABLE"; } } else if($db->addField($id, $ownername, createSurl($regionname, $objectpos))) print "NEW,$index"; else print "Database Error"; } } else print "INVALID"; break; } </q> Note in this PHP script there is an incompatability between the code and the PHP version in the statement <q> function createSurl($reg, $p) { ... $c = split ( "," , $p); ... </q> which is what got me into this mess in the first place. I have fixed that by changing the split to a preg_split as in $c = preg_split( '[(,)]' , $p ); The result that the prim receives from the request is INVALID_ACCESSINVALID which suggest to me that the $ownerkey is not being set. Do you have any comments?
  13. I assume you mean in the PHP script. If so yes the setting $USE_APACHE_HEADERS = TRUE; but I am so much a beginner at this that I don't know what it means. Help please.
  14. I am using an HTTPRequest from a prim script SERVER_REQ_ID = llHTTPRequest( SERVER_URL+"&id="+(string)id, [], "" ); I naively thought that all httprequests were accompanied by the Second_life Headers. The one I am missing is X-SecondLife-Owner-Key this results in an php script error and the returned data is invalid. Do you have to use one of the GET or POST methods to get SL to send the full headers? If so I wonder how this used to work, as it did.
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