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  1. Thanks for the tip! I hear people say 3ds Max is easier to work with Zbrush than Maya but my pc wont let me install it. Anyone had issues installing 3ds 2012/2013? I'll continue searching for a solution.
  2. Thank you! I'll definitely look through these tutorials/threads.
  3. Thanks for your reply. So are you suggesting that I stop using Zbrush all together? Unfortunately I still don't know exactly what I'm doing wrong... but I guess I'll continue to search for solutions.
  4. Hello, I'm closer to understanding mesh but I keep hitting road blocks that are driving me crazy. I've searched for solutions and came up with nothing.. Issue #1.) I make the model/uv's in Maya 2012 then i export it to Zbrush 4 for sculpting then back to Maya for rigging. I lower the divisions down to 1 before exporting the model back to Maya otherwise it takes forever to export to .dae and wont it upload to SL. When I import the model to Maya when i try using the smooth option the model looks jagged after exporting, so I use the soften edges option. The model smooths out but loses all details (stitching seams, ect.) this is how it looks after exporting the model to maya. this is how it looks after softening the edges, notice how it lost all detail What I could be doing wrong to lose all the sculpting details. I've searched for a solution and came up with nothing. Issue # 2.) After I rig a model and start painting the weights I've noticed these specks in the mesh that cant be painted. They look like gaps in the mesh that I cant paint and even when i try to erase areas that Maya pre weighed I still cant seem to erase completely. Has this happened to anyone and if so whats the best solution? I'm afraid this will be the 20th mesh model that I'll have to discard since I cant figure out whats going on. Thanks in advanced and Happy Holidays :]
  5. Yes, it is one object and I currently use auto generated LODs. I believe I'm using the same material. So I wonder if during the import/export process from Zbrush back to Maya causes this change. I noticed when the model was not imported into Zbrush the .dae file size was 1.4MB. After importing/exporting from Zbrush the file size jumped up to 28.2MB. As you can tell I'm still learning lol. Thanks for your quick responses!
  6. Yes I've tried resetting the mesh upload and continued to get the same error. I even relogged a few times as well as switching viewers but I still have the same issue. I'm at a loss of what to do.
  7. Ok, so I've been practicing rigging mesh for a few weeks and have been able to successfully upload models in the past. Recently, I've been having some uploading issues. I get this error message, "material of model is not a subset of reference model" I've googled this to see what it means but I'm still not clear on a solution. I've rigged the mesh in Maya 2012 and a few days ago, I was able to upload the same rigged model with no problems. The only thing I've done differently this time around was that I imported the non rigged model in Zbrush 4 to for sculpting. Then I exported it back into Maya for rigging. I notice when I exported the model to .dae in Maya the object appeared jagged and I have no clue why. I uploaded it anyway just to see if it would work and it did. After that, I went back to maya and added smoothing (by 1) to the object and tried to upload the model again and I got the error message. I don't know if its Zbrush causing this problem and since its the same model I doubt the poly count has anything to do with it. Any suggestions is much appreciated, thanks in advance.
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