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  1. Along with the timer idea, if you really want to make sure you don't have multiple dialog 's open you can set a flag (DIALOG =TRUE) when activated, and DIALOG =FALSE when closed. Just test the condition before the call to llDialog().
  2. Never been an issue with me. It's just convenient for me to create a new script from within the content button, and then I immediately delete the sample and start with my own. There is no earthly reason to leave it there unless of course you want to.
  3. There is a way you can tell if someone logs in even if your offline. There are several different scripts you can purchase on xstreetsl that monitor the online/offline status of people you define and notify you each time they log on/off. Depending on the program, you can have it send you an IM/email (if you have preferences set to forward im's to email) or even supply an email address. I won't give the names of any of these programs, but a little searching on your part should find them. Franklin
  4. Yeah..wait till the next time they log on
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