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  1. Very nice! May I ask what animation this is, please?
  2. Nice post. I totally agree with you on all counts. For the record, I use Win and MAC and I prefer my MAC, hands down! The interface is so much easier, basic processes like installing software are a snap, and everything just seems so much more intuitive. As for running Windows software, VMWare Fusion is my friend.  With respect to any new OS, the issue to consider is timing. Given that Vista was a bloated dead fish built on layers and layers of old WIN code, it also out at a time when software companies were feeling worn out by updating drivers for yet another WIN OS. Very few ppl gave it the necessary attention, so there were widespread problems with drivers. (Winces at the memory) I suspect in this case it was much the same. Although Lion is NOT a dead fish, I don't think developers gave it enough attention. it is not MAC or WIN's responsibility to accomodate every one of the millions of programmes in the world: It is the responsiblity of the software developer to test and adjust to any new OS. The pre-release developer copies of Lion were available in quite enough time for this. We had a copy in our shop. As for MAC bashing, it is my impression that most ppl like that are quick to bash just about anything. My theory is that they do it to feel that they are 'intelligent' enough to be discerning. Or, to put it another way "Obviously I am brilliant! I understand all with such depth and clarity that I feel confident pontificating on it." I guess if it makes them feel better about themselves, then so be it. Sadly it has the reverse effect on the people they want to impress: Most of us just think "What an idiotic blowhard." The people who impress me are the ones who know enough to know there is so much more to learn - always. (Raises her glass to the ones who listen and watch more than they speak. Isn't life fascinating?)
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