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  1. Makes sense. Then again, maybe she shouldn't be in the same bed, without pants, sleeping with a weasel. The moral of the story? Don't sleep with people you don't trust unless you want to be screwed twice.
  2. Cartoon porn is cartoon, but still primarily porn. I would say most men on SL that do the pixel sex thing just see it as a more interactive porn session, and you know we don't develop any real feelings toward the porn, especially once we're "done". There's no relationship there. Dating and developing a real relationship in SL, however, is a very hazardous thing. Lots of hurt feelings when it blows up at the end.
  3. Clarissa Lowell wrote: What is that a picture of? That's a pair of M57 firing devices for a Claymore mine which are sometimes called "clackers" because of the sound they make when squeezed. (Ah see the light!)
  4. A cardioid mic works well when you point the axis toward your tower fans to pick up less noise. If you're doing karaoke, choose shorter songs, preferably under four minutes. If you see your audience disappearing, you can't sing or your song is too long. Also, don't try to do 'Cemetery Gates' unless you can scream the high parts properly and ... well, just don't. Some songs just weren't mean for karaoke.
  5. I'm one of those old fashioned types who thinks men should be men and women should be women. Crossing and blurring the lines here and there is fine, but when it comes to other men I expect them to posess certain traits; knows the guy code, has his own tools, be good in a fight. For this person my only question is how good is s/he in making a sandwich?
  6. My guess would be that the server might be experiencing unexpected difficulties. Can't be 100% sure though. Give it a couple hours or days and try again?
  7. I express my imagination through music and sketching. I've occasionally brought it into second life but it existed long before I had even heard of SL. SL is just another tool or outlet for creativity but not the only one and definitely not the best one, but plenty of other threads about that.
  8. Everything looks bright and sunny when you're at the top of the pyramid. For the rest of us consumers, however, SL is no value when there's dozens of alternatives out there. And dragging your friends onto an iceberg in the Caribbean doesn't make you much of a friend.
  9. Kenbro Utu wrote: It would be interesting to know what sets those of us who fall in love with SL apart from those who "don't get it." I think it's the name, "Second LIfe" that's part of the problem. We see the occasional thread asking where to find work, as to most people a "second life" would mean finding a job, eating, paying bills, etc. Yeah, loads of fun there. To others, they might see it as a game. Join, spend some time in world, then realize it's not really a game and then leave. For me, in the beginning it was about taking on a different role; being someone I can't be in real life. Why in the hell would anyone make a carbon copy of themselves to play in SL? I'll never understand that part. Hell, if I wanted to present myself as a male I'd put on my boots and go out the front door. But to see the world as a female, now that's only possible in SL. But it seems the trend is sort of against that sort of thing what with voice and "verified voice female" groups. Whatever. Then maybe most of us don't need SL when we can just go surfing and skydiving in the REAL world instead. To that, SL can't possibly compare.
  10. No, not at all. In theory SL is a fine idea. But once you get in and really understand how things are, i.e. the overall cost of actually doing anything, the lag, the incompetence and shortsightedness of LL and dozens of other things, I would never recommend SL to anyone I would like to keep as a friend.
  11. Jo Yardley wrote: I don't care much about current news but I am obsessed with history and have spoken to many people who lived trough wars, survived concentration camps and endured poverty and horrors we can barely imagine. My RL day job involves history so I am pretty much all the time outside of SL confronted with how people used to live, including my own ancestors. That puts everything into perspective, all the time. I have to ask. If current news doesn't concern you, what happens when it's a day old and is already history? Isn't it more important to maintain an accurate perspective on current events when the history books (and faulty memories) tend to gloss over the less important details and facts? Knowing now what I wish I knew then, I would've carried a camera and a notepad EVERY DAY.
  12. I thought I had. It's the fantasy, the image in our minds. In real life, however, if I were to see a woman carrying a handgun *all* the time, that would go quickly from sexy to scary. Men *know* how women are. Let's say in the bedroom a guy throws on a garter belt and stockings and praces around the room. She mind find it funny the first time, maybe the second. But then it quickly becomes *take off my damn lingerie and act like a man!!* Not from personal experience, mind you. Jenny posted the picture of that female soldier carrying the M4. I'm an older guy and I can honestly tell you I don't like that very much. NOT because any weapon based on the M16 is a piece of crap, but because I personally feel war is a man's business and women do not belong there if given the choice.
  13. Okay, fine. As a hetero gent and a veteran, I can honestly say I find the fantasy of women with weapons to be very appealing. Emphasis on "fantasy". LIke a calendar of women in a garage holding wrenches and wiping imaginary sweat from their brows, it's a nice image but doesn't hold up to reality. We have rattlesnakes out here too and my wife has handled them when I've been away, but if I'm home it's my job to deal with them. I know we both prefer it that way. Just as she might find it amusing, cute even if I was in the kitchen with an apron and oven mitts on baking a cake, it wouldn't be long before she took them away from me and shooed me out of the room.
  14. I'm never in-world anymore but I can point you in the right direction. Keep in mind I said it was one way to do it, not necessarily the easiest or cheapest . but it's how I do it and probably how most SL DJs do it as well. Try YouTube, say link and related videos. In short, what you're doing is branching out what signal goes into your computer's mic or line in jack by using a mixer. You can find small mixers online for around $40-100 and used mixers at your local music store for much less and still quite serviceable. Most of the mixers in those videos are large and complicated-looking but once you understand how a little one works the big ones are pretty much the same thing.You can add whatever input signal you want to the mixer, say an iPod, cd/tape deck, laptop, etc. Then use a Y-cable to run a line from the 1/4" output jacks on the mixer into a 1/8" stereo jack into your line in or mic on your computer. Once you see how it's all connected it's very simple. You can also skip the Y-cables and all that by getting a USB mixer and just attaching that directly to your computer. Of course I'm an old fart and I don't trust all this fancy technical hocus pocus you kids have these days.
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