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  1. Is that a threat to be pilloried on your attack blog, for having the temerity to speak here? Yawn.
  2. Here's to hoping that changes. One thing that I have seen is that folks across all spectrums and petty disputes, seem to have respect for her.
  3. Ha! Surely not the one that crashed Grady's sim.... Didn't see ya THERE! I recognize you, but alas, mum is the word.
  4. Yeah, you just MIGHT be have a vested interest in harassing the CEO of a major company, for what reason, I cannot fathom, except arrogance. Most of the rest of us care deeply about this community of folks within SL, but not work to tear it apart.
  5. I suppose that I could easily go create some alt to say things that I have said here. That's not me. I stand behind things I say, whether I receive approbation or dislike here. Can you say the same?
  6. Nup, I'm not lost. LL/SL still means a great deal to me, so I feel I have every right to post here as anywhere else. Btw? Whose alt are you? Cuz you sure aren't a noobie here. hehe
  7. Yes, I know that this has become a STRONG issue, ever since Lexie left. My hope is that everyone will be satisfied with a face out in front, such as Lexie, who responds, albeit though she might not meet every demand. Make sense?
  8. The only issue I have with the CTUG meetings is that only a select few have the availablity to attend. I think that this is much more open to all. If Lexie is put at the forefront of communicating with folks here, I don't think that it would be a big issue? If folks express their opinions, and are ignored, sure, it could become a big issue.
  9. No basic disagreement here, Kylie, except that I would argue this is not our home, as much as many might feel comfortable here and enjoy each other's company. It's more akin to a public space. As such, LL sets the rules. I would HOPE that they would be open to feedback, which is all I'm really saying. I just agree with them that THIS is the location to receive that feedback.
  10. When I referenced the well-thought out opinions written upon Rod's wall, Celestial and Void's situations came to mind. That is NOT the same as the bombardment of petty issues I ALSO saw there. There IS a difference. Some think that they can have their demands met by simply posting to Rod's wall. It wasn't really the place to do it.
  11. There's no chip on my shoulder, Venus, in this regard, whether you want to see it or not. This seems the most logical place to me, for LL to respond, hoping they do constructively, rather than in more private venues. We aren't at odds here. I think we both want what is best for SL/LL/SL'ers.
  12. Why thank, Venus. This caught my interest, after having been witness to a rather interesting weekend on the feeds. Oy. I understand why some might consider posting endlessly to the CEO's wall effective, or attending CTUG meetings to be effective to have their voice heard, I also understand that the vast majority of SL denizens won't even post to this forum or know about it, let alone do those things. An argument COULD be made that LL should listen to the loudest voices, but an argument could ALSO be made that everyone counts, not just a select few. This is why I support what LL has decided
  13. Exactly in regard to public pressure. I've noticed the ongoing campaigns here. Talk about public pressure!
  14. I don't see myself making ANY demands out of LL, Derek. I HAVE, however, seen them made by others. What I have to say here is of equal concern to LL, as anything you have to say.
  15. Maybe, just maybe, they got fed up with a vocal minority thinking that they RUN this forum, decide what is important during CTUG meetings and bombard the CEO's feed with turf wars. A reminder. This forum is open to all. You may consider yourself a frequent user, but that doesn't mean that you have any more say than the person who comes here once in awhile to read, or ask a question. This isn't your kingdom.
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