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  1. Hey everyone :) I'm currently looking for new potential girlfriends to hang out with. My close knit group of friends and I are searching for fun, friendly, and free spirited people to make new memories with! We love shopping together, exploring, gaming, and we absolutely love taking pictures and making videos. We can be very silly and wild at times so we're hoping our new friend(s) will be okay with that! Feel free to IM me inworld! :) Spanishchica Bellic
  2. So I've recently come back to Second Life after a year break and hardly any of my old friends are ever online anymore. I'm very sweet and easy going, early 20's girl in the U.S. I don't mix sl with rl, and I'd like to meet people with the same views. I love exploring and shopping, I also love video games. I'm looking for a best friend, maybe we could be sisters,I want someone to have fun with and to be adventurous with. I'm also interested in a possible romantic partener, as I am looking to start a family in my big empty house. Message me in world if interested -spanishchica bellic 
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