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  1. Good morning! It's been a bit since I've checked in here (never-ending doc appointments and RL blog launch!) and it looks like some progress has been made. How exciting! Is that photo of the mountain home legit? I would have thought they would do more rustic builds for the mountains. Maybe it's just there to gauge size?
  2. I think I will just ride @Chic Aeon's coat-tails and covet that Jacinto spot. Gimme!
  3. You aren't the first. You're welcome. 🤣
  4. Any guesses on what the next theme is? Maybe rustic mountain homes? It's really cool watching this continent come alive.
  5. I finally got a traditional home! I am so happy! Now the fun begins. 😍
  6. Gonna be a party at the Pickle!
  7. @Daniel Voyager Has anyone counted how many are there?
  8. I am so excited you guys! I thought for sure I wanted a traditional but after seeing everyone's beautiful houseboat layout designs I would be thrilled with either.
  9. They just disappeared! - No they didn't.. sorry my bad. My draw distance changed lol! SORRY SORRY!
  10. Is there any chance you'll be releasing your layout as an add-on? This is wonderful! I'm still patiently waiting for a home, but now I'm torn between a houseboat and a traditional!
  11. I'll be working on my blog in RL while keeping a sharp eye on the Linden Home threads. What are you all up to today?
  12. No. I obsessively analyze everything before I say it and it causes me so much anxiety! That's why I initially got sucked in to SL. I can write my words and edit them over and over before anyone hears them. The funny part is, I do very little editing most of the time in SL.
  13. Thank you! I'll check when I log in this evening. I think people would love to check out the homes people have decorated.
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