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  1. My biggest concern here, what with all the childrens bein' allowed in and all: Is anything being done about profile ratings? This conversion to a new, web-based system seems like a great opportunity to let us voluntarily censor ourselves by rating parts of our profiles PG/Mature/Adult, or even "Private" or "Friends Only" like many of the social networks you're emulating. Would be great for anyone with stakes in an adult business, or who have information regarding adult activities in their profiles (whether it's advertising "services," or just a funny quote that's fine for adults, but really shouldn't be seen by the kiddies). I know this has already been done for the Classifieds, but are we going to see anything for the rest of the fields/tabs? Or the opportunity to provide alternate PG/Mature/Adult versions of certain fields, depending on who's viewing the profile? Imagine someone with adult and non-adult business, who wants to use their Picks section, or their main profile page, to explain relevant information? They might not want non-age-verified users to just see "CENSORED." ugh.. its so annoying when you people insist on calling 16 and 17 yo "kiddies" and act like they are going to be traumatized by your profile picks for bukkake bliss. these "children" have most likely seen far worse on google, and its highly likely that they are doing more sex than you are. they arent children, they are teenagers.. they hold jobs, they drive cars, they have babies.. they arent 12 or 13 year olds. ugh.
  2. InWorlds allow 50 groups and have done since day 1. lol its easy to allow 50 groups to drag on the server when there are only a few hundred users tops online at the same time.. a little harder when there are 70k. just saying
  3. And then there were Display Names - a huge, costly project in terms of time and money... and yet hardly anyone seems to use or care about it. lol i love how people think that just because they dont use or care about something, that hardly anyone else does either. at least 75% of the avatars i see (and almost everyone on my friend list) use the display names. i love them - i hated being forced to choose a last name from a list when i signed up, and have hated my last name since the beginning. also, i think that cost-wise, it was probably one of the lower cost things they have done.
  4. Expected: If I click on an avatar name not in my friends list and click through to invite to group, I should be able to invite the avatar to the group WITHOUT RETYPING THEIR NAME Actual: I have to retype their name every time im sorry i dont know if this feature is in the sl viewer, but in phoenix if you open up an avatar's profile and look next to their groups, there is a plus sign.. you can click it and a popup will show with all of your groups that you have rights to add new members to. then you just click the group and accept.. and tell it what role you want them to have.. and youre done.
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