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  1. Yeah, but then Comcast would double my connection bill. :-D Hmmm, wonder if this will help with flying/sailing. Must test. Rêveries d'Avatarian
  2. That's exactly what they are going to do, I'm sure. Leave the current land rental in place, then offer a "pay as you go" region rental where the region host pays significantly less for a set period of time, then all the attendees pay a fee to access the region during the "event." Event can be anything from a regularly scheduled class, meeting, or entertainment venue, or private party. When the event is over and your pre-paid time is up you take your stuff and vamoose. This way (to my estimation) they can significantly reduce the number of servers and cut their overhead way down. And many more people will be able to experience having a whole region to themselves for whatever limited time they can afford. In other words, you can continue to pay through the nose for monthly region rental, or you can give up your full time region and just rent one sporadically as needed. Totally sucks for those of us who want an established venue, but they don't care I'm sure. Seems to me there will be a bigger market for "venues in a box" sooner than later. Better get busy.
  3. Nope, I'm all set for body stockings thanks. Besides, I'm on a year-long project to REDUCE inventory. Stop tempting me.
  4. What they all said above. Especially that you must create a separate cache directory for each viewer. Very important. We all seem to be assuming you are using Windows. Are you? If so ... In order to COMPLETELY wipe all viewers from your PC and start fresh, just uninstalling them is not enough. Firstly be sure that you are not just deleting the programs but actually using the uninstall feature for each one as this (supposedly) not only erases the software but cleans out the Windows registry of any references. They don't always succeed, however, and I highly recommend a third party registry cleaner when wiping software. Also, do a full reboot between each step. Things hanging out in RAM can (will!) confuse the issue. Lastly, you must go to the directory C:\Documents and Settings\XXX\Application Data\SecondLife (Where XXX is the user name on your PC) and DELETE that folder and everything in it. When you do a fresh install of the client it will be re-created but with a fresh version of your avatar. You will lose all your settings and tweaks, but I'm thinking you would rather re-enter those than walk around in your leotard. And finally, just so you won't feel alone in your green leotard, I've attached a picture of me Ruthed. I have a whole folder of them. http://www.flickr.com/photos/caliburnsusanto/4137800262/ EDIT: Whoops! Too late. Problem solved. Oh well, I'll leave it posted; might help someone else along the way.
  5. Yay! Success. I forgot about that vendor; I have two of his helicopters, the MD500's both regular and amphibious. Among my favorites when I want to take a passenger touring. Love the smooth flight and the realistic sound. Anyway I stopped by the store and got an LC150 Autogyro. Very realistic flight -- and just like a real gyrocopter it can't crash (unless you nose dive) even if it loses power. You just drift down slowly. Cool! Just what I needed, ANOTHER helicopter. (think I have eight or so)
  6. Just logged back in to add "Abbott's" to Aerodrome and see you've already answered. Okay, I was focused on ultralight not helicopter, erringly. Can you describe it? I MAY have one, or a capture of one, I have so many in inventory. I have a little one-person copter that I got in Caledon quite a while back. This particular one is no longer available ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/cals_sl_inventory/4965381323/ ) but for illustration purposes, is this what you mean? Or something that attaches to your back that has a copter blade? (This feels like a scavenger hunt, suddenly.)
  7. Just noticed this. If you mean the ultralight (sort of like a go-cart glider) then go to Cubey Terra's Aerodrome. He makes one and it's totally COOL (but everything he makes is totally cool). If you mean something else he probably has that too. All of my favorite vehicles are from his store, one of the oldest in Second Life®. While you are there pick up one of the inexpensive "Segway" type personal people movers. You can cruise along the ground at run speed, or go into fly mode and zip across a region in two seconds flat. Handy! Picture of me using the people-mover for exploring: http://www.flickr.com/photos/caliburnsusanto/4156668813/
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