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    You forgot about Non-SSE2 people!

    "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc000001d). Click on OK to terminate the application."

    I met a guy on the beta grid who had exactly the same error message. It turned out he had installed the mesh viewer over an existing installation of viewer 2.

    Make sure to install into a separate folder.

  2. As Jennifur pointed out earlier, there will be no Avatar 2.0 without Linden Lab making it the default built-in one. Mesh is not a solution here because there are no clothing layers on a mesh. Which means you can't combine <random skin> with <random tatoo> and <random shirt>. And then of course there is the problem of missing morph targets.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import


    "The line you draw between professionals and amateurs exists only in your imagination."

    Huh? See, to make this perfectly clear: I define a professional by his or her ability to make a living by his profession.

    Yes, and that's why you don't understand what I am talking about. You have to look at people's skills, not at their income. There are thousands of amateurs in SL who are perfectly capable of using mesh import to their advantage. You not only ignore that, you even preemptively accuse those people of theft.


    Btw, i make sculpties.

    Vivienne, let's be honest here, just for a moment. Your main business is selling skyboxes. I've seen them on the marketplace website. And I am sure you have seen that 44-prim lighthouse built by a mesh beta tester. If someone starts selling mesh skyboxes (which you can't download from TurboSquid for obvious reasons), you will be screwed, because a mesh skybox with a prim count of 700 (equivalent to your most expensive model) will make yours look like a cardboard box.

    This, dear Vivienne, is the reason why you have been ranting against mesh for the past two weeks. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import


    Then you question user created content creation as whole, and entire the SL conception.The "most skilled users" in SL are not necessarily contributing any content to the public domain, but are contracted by agencies which use SL for campaigning for a corporation or whatever. These professional businesses and the corporations and agencies will benefit by Collada imports, of course, but they do not feed Second Life and never did.

    The line you draw between professionals and amateurs exists only in your imagination. Most sculptie designers in SL are entirely self-taught. When they joined SL, they didn't know anything about 3D graphics. SL was a new challenge for them, and this challenge is what kept their interest in SL alive. If you take away SL's challenging aspect, it will die because people will grow out of it. And there won't be enough newbies to replace them as long as SL looks like a game from 2003 (while using resources like a game from 2011).

    Next Steps for Mesh Import


    And you are a blue mars person. You have much to gain by SL closing. You work for the competition. People need to keep that in mind when they consider anything you write or say about SL anywhere.

    I think the reason why Daniel and others create content for Blue Mars or IMVU is because those platforms already offer mesh import. Once you are familiar with mesh modeling, you realize how tedious and limiting prims really are. Structures that take a whole day to build with prims can be mesh-modeled within half an hour. And the prim build will always be only a crude approximation of the shape you really want.

    If you learned modeling with parametric prims first, then proceeded with sculpted prims, the natural upgrade path has been to leave SL and work for a mesh platform. This kind of brain drain is a problem for Linden Lab's bottom line. SL cannot grow unless it offers an upgrade path for its most skilled users and attractive content for its consumers.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import


    "Anyone stupid enough to upload ripped content from a verified account can be traced back in RL"

    Since when? And if if, which is impoissible, what will happen? File a DMCA? So what?

    So what?

    Linden Lab did not invent the DMCA. If you are a creator and believe that copyright law does not protect you, there's only one thing you can do: Don't release your stuff. Keep it for yourself. Lock it away and never let it see the light of day. Then no one can steal from you.

    The DMCA argument against mesh import is a straw man. It is usually brought up by people who never touched a mesh modeling tool. You are not concerned about mesh designers getting ripped off; you are concerned about mesh designers destroying your prim business. You want to keep them within the confines of sculpted prim topology.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import


    Don't say it won't happen... Because it will.

    No, it won't. Mesh upload requires payment info on file. Anyone stupid enough to upload ripped content from a verified account can be traced back in RL.

    By the way, in the realm of realtime 3D computer graphics, high-poly is actually low-quality. In SL this will be reflected by the object's prim count. Mesh modelers who can achieve impressive results with few polygons will be the most successful.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import


    I took a 50K triangle 3ds Max model and did a save to COLLADA with no changes.  It came to 9125 KB.  Assuming they use the 4KB per prim value, that means an import cost of 2,281 prims, or 22,810L$. (plus whatever for the texture maps).  I think the greatest deterrent to rampant ripping of existing models will be the cost to import.

    Import and prim cost will be derived from the compressed binary mesh data, not the plaintext COLLADA file. In fact the grid servers will never see the COLLADA files because they are converted in the viewer before upload.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import


    Oh, no. I don't believe people are entitled to commercial success; that's silly, and socialist.

    Prokofy, you are a socialist. Mesh creation tools are available free of charge, but they require some effort to learn. You think that's social Darwinism. In your opinion, people should be able to make money without working. That's the core of your socialist pipedream: Punish the skilled, reward the lazy.

    Go ahead and wear that prim on your head, but don't forget to color it red.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import


    Not for nothing but, should a game, a hobby, really be as hard as brain surgery?

    I just want to have fun and create.

    This is something that I noticed again and again during the debate: People either ignore the facts or misrepresent them.

    When mesh is here, you will be able to create just like you did before. None of the existing options will be taken away from you.

    You will be at a disadvantage only if you want to sell your creations. Some people here, including Prokofy, think that this is unfair. They think that everyone is entitled to commercial success by default, regardless of skill. This is protectionism.

    In the end, the decision is up to the consumer. Anyone who thinks that mesh should not be part of SL is free to boycott sellers of mesh assets. Vote with your wallet. But don't restrain creators who want these options for themselves because this will hurt SL as a platform for creative expression.

    If you think that mesh caters to a technocratic elite, you underestimate the capability of the average SL resident. There are competing platforms that thrive although they don't offer prims at all. As a content creator for IMVU you won't get very far unless you have a license for 3ds Max. That's the only building tool they officially support. For SL mesh creation you will be able to use anything you want, as long as it exports the standard COLLADA format. Of all the existing virtual world platforms, SL still has the lowest barrier to entry. Mesh will not change that.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import


    and yet you steadfastly claim how marvellous theyre going to be for sl...and youre not actually making them anywhere ...




    Well, let me put it this way: I've learned a thing or two about creating content for game engines. SL will benefit from meshes just like any other game. I know you disagree now, but a few weeks after mesh is rolled out on the main grid, you will agree.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import


    In fact, if that ugly green thing in the insulting video, or that pseudo Japanese cottage in the other video, are the best they can do after a year of having the software all to themselves, it's obvious most sculpty makers and avatar creators have nothing to fear from meshes or their creators.

    The purpose of the closed beta test was not to show off or scare people. The purpose was to test the software. You are right, pretty much every sculptie maker can make stuff like that.

    But not with sculpties. And certainly not with a prim count as low as that. Which is the entire point of having mesh import.

    I have no doubt that most sculptie makers will embrace mesh in no time. Because it removes all the constraints of sculpted prims: limited topology, limited resolution, limited accuracy, limited control over LOD and physics.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import


    How can the 'average' SL user use meshes when there is such a mass of software ranging from free to something which costs 3500 which requires times to learn to use...like the guy who came up with a house using google - sadly a very cubic ordinary looking house - after 24 hours of effort 'it only took him a day' I couldnt believe it....

    You mean it took him a day to learn Google SketchUp? Well, yes, that's about the time it takes.

    He did it while you spent 24 hours complaining.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import


    Ermmm.... in my book rezzing the product of labour at external software is not building or creating in world...what you mean is importing an external product.So basically  Im right you cant build inworldwith meshes yes you can import them.. which is what Ive been saying in all my posts.... very little of the building process takes place in world...


    Are mshes capable of beng edited with the inworld building system by the way ??

    The only asset types you can create/edit in-world are:

    • clothing and body parts
    • gestures
    • notecards
    • parametric prims
    • linksets
    • scripts

    You could never edit:

    • animations
    • sounds
    • textures
    • sculpted prims
    • mesh objects (default avatar, plants, trees)

    Animations were created with Poser or Avimator, sounds were created with audio editing software, textures were created with Photoshop or GIMP, sculpted prims were created with Blender, 3ds Max, Maya or similar programs. Mesh objects could not be created at all; they were prefabs built into the viewer.

    Now LL is adding the option to upload mesh objects, and SUDDENLY guys like you get all cranky about it. Why didn't you complain before?

    If you want to be able to create mesh objects, you have to learn external software. You are in the same boat with all the animators, sound designers, texture/skin painters and sculptors. There will be no "create mesh" button in the viewer.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import


    In addition I's seen the work people are saying is great. And it looks like crap. Period. it has not the detail we have with prims and sculpties. If LL turns SL into crappy looking avatars land then they will have put themselves down and will be gone in 2 years.

    There seems to be a misconception about the mesh closed beta. Its purpose was not to give highly skilled 3D modelers an opportunity to show off. Its purpose was to test the implementation. There are quite a few experienced modelers in SL who were not invited to the closed beta. And this makes perfect sense, because Linden Lab want to implement a system that the average resident can use. All that FIC and technocratic elite talk is nonsense.

    Regarding the quality of the example mesh avatars, I don't see what's the problem with them. If they were top quality, the doomsayers would cry about mesh being out of reach for the little guy. If they were imported from other games, the doomsayers would cry about copyrights. The nice thing about crappy avatars is that everyone can make them but no one wants to buy them. So your concern about SL turning into crappy looking avatars land has no base in reality. The default human avatar won't go away any time soon. Mesh will just make it easier to create organic non-human avatars and certain types of clothing. That's an improvement.

    Next Steps for Mesh Import


    I can build in world with meshes  ??

    Yes, you can rez them and use them in your builds just like sculpted prims.


    Great so just point me to the building menu that lets me create mesh models

    To create mesh models you need a mesh editor. You can't create textures in-world either.

    But why would you want to create mesh models? Didn't you just say that it's too complicated and that you can't be bothered to learn it?

    What makes you think that an in-world mesh editor would be easier to use than 3ds Max or Blender?

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