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  1. It seems so, though when there is to much around me in Second Life I will still get a little lag.. Does this have to do with the 'not enough processors' part?
  2. Fix Hitomi Heron(and anyone else who might have the same problem I had), A friend of me found a simple fix that you need to do everytime when starting up Second Life. Whenever you start it up you just wait for it to get into the login screen, then you press ctrl-shift-escape to open up 'Task-Manager'. There should be a few tabs on the top of which one is called 'Processes', Click this one and look for the Second Life viewer process. Right click on it once you found it, and select the affinity option and a new screen should pop-up in which there are several processors selected. Deselect all
  3. I am no computer expert, never tested that out and OEM=Original equipement manufacturer? anyways.. the computer is fully made out of components I all ordered seperatly(well someone else did it for me...). The software was also ordered there.
  4. Things which might also help for anyone to find the problem, It isn't the game itself.. but the viewer(any viewer). Login screens are as slow as after logging in. I dont have the latest update on my driver and cannot even install it, whenever I try it I only get a blackscreen..
  5. I only have 1 video card, isnt crossfire with 2?
  6. reinstalling with that guide is not working, for both phoenix and viewer 2. Putting my bandwidth on maximum is also not working.. this screenshot might help http://i715.photobucket.com/albums/ww151/Rudovich/statisticssl.jpg?t=1302447628 As you see, it says the FPS is very good while I barely got any...
  7. I am not that good with computers, but isnt RAM the Memory: 2x4 GB?
  8. Hello people, Whenever I start up Secondlife in any viewer the lagg I have is horrible! sometimes I can count up to 10 seconds for another frame to come up, I think my maximum is at about 5 frames per second but I am very lucky when I have that. My computer is 100% fine and I can run anything on full settings and I mostly have even more than a 100 FPS with large games like the Total War series. I tried everything I can to fix it, but still I did not find a solution which even helps to get a few more frames per second... Anyone else has this problem? and have you found a cure? would love to kno
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