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  1. I was up at 1500. I popped down to the ground but the issue is still there.
  2. I'm pretty sure I modified my shape settings to match the sizes shown on the card, but I'll double check. Thanks.
  3. I gave my kitty one of these 'compressed catnip mouse' toys. He bit a big chunk of nose right off and ate it. He's looking like it might be a while before that dose wears off. *tosses a few out to the forum kitties*
  4. Works like a charm and does take me to your Marketplace when clicked.
  5. The answer to that, in order to prevent any further stress, would be to click that X in the upper right corner and never login again.
  6. I am loving your whole concept of creating various looks and then creating drawings of them. Keep sharing.
  7. Not sure if it is just something with the demo or if the real feet would do that. Given the cost of the Slink feet, I don't want to buy them and end up with this odd gap. Maybe I'll send a notecard w/ a picture to Slink.
  8. The way it is phrased, it isn't necessarily talking about the dog being leashed anyway.
  9. I've selected Small on the HUD and adjusted my shape settings to the sizes the card said to use for Small - body fat and leg muscle are the two it gives sizes for and the adjustments were small so I didn't mind the change much. I then tried Medium and Xtra Small, with the same Shape settings (because I don't want to change a lot), but neither of those foot sizes worked either. Does avatar height play in to it at all? I've got a shorter more realistic / proportional shape.
  10. I have a classic avatar body and I'm messing with the Slink feet demo. I actually managed to get a good skin color match, but the demo foot cannot be adjusted up or down on my leg and there is a slight gap between the foot and my body. I did modify my shape settings to what the card said to and I tried selecting different sizes of feet from the HUD. Are the actual feet (as opposed to the demo) adjustable up/down the leg or is there something else I need to do?
  11. IM the group or manager(s) inworld
  12. I think these drawings are pretty good -- far better than anything I could even come close to doing.
  13. The 'MultiQuote' button (the plus sign) will add multiple quotes into the reply box, but it adds the full post as quoted text. There is also the ability to highlight part of a post and quote it. We'd like a combination of those two functions. Highlight portions of multiple posts and have all of the highlighted parts added as quoted text into the reply box. I realize this is likely something that you'll need to ask the Forum software company for, but it has already been requested and possibly just needs more customer requests to get it added. The forum post I found that is requesting
  14. This is something that LL would have to ask the forum software folks to add; not something that LL coudl enable or add themselves. I think I'll go find that thread and add the request to the list. Who knows, maybe LL will make the request.
  15. By the same token, anyone with that group feature will also share in paying the 'Search' fee, if applicable - which is a monthly charge. If there are more than 30 people with the feature, a random 30 will be charged $L1 each time.
  16. My mom would go to the disco bars with her friends and then come home and teach me all of the dances. Yep, they danced like that - and I can too, thanks to her.
  17. And places where the Muslim religion is very prominent - though I don't know enough about their religion to know if men could walk around naked or not.
  18. I was out on the forums of the forum maker and someone actually did ask for this feature back in Dec 2016. There was no response to the request other than one other person giving it a 'thumbs up'. Since we (the residents here) are not the purchasers of the forum software, we cannot go comment on the request or make our own requests, unfortunately.
  19. I see - you are wanting to do the Multi-quote with the 'highlight text and quote it' feature. Sounds like a new feature is needed.
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