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  1. 1 hour ago, AstraHunt said:

    Thank you! I missed having greenery and colorful flowers in the stilt homes so I made sure I had them all over the house lol.

    Thank you for that tip :)  I've been trying to resize the photos into smaller percentages in paint but they end up being too small to see. I'll try to remember that for the next time!

    Two options: 
     - Save as jpg as Cyanide mentions
     - Upload larger pics to a picture hosting site (Flickr, imgur, Gyazo) and then paste the link into the forum post.  Hard to explain, but some methods of pasting the link will not actually  "embed" the picture but instead simply show the link.  There are ways to get the "embed" to happen, but they can be different depending on the hosting site.  In any case, picture size doesn't matter for embedded pictures.

  2. 3 hours ago, Talligurl said:
    10 hours ago, AlyceAdrift said:

    It'd be really nice to be able to earn some linden,

    You mean spend some linden, right?

    This ^^^    

    Gambling is all about the fact that while people might sometimes win, the odds are highly in favor of the house (i.e. location owner) making all the money.

  3. 7 hours ago, Chic Aeon said:

    the ones I looked at had no second side so part of the front side showed through the baskside from OUTSIDE (wow what a sentence and I'm not awake yet) and I couldn't live with that.    

    Ugh - I never even thought to look at the back.  It hadn't dawned on me that there might not be one.  I was actually a bit surprised when I put a dress demo on last night, cammed partly under the skirt to ensure it was long enough for what I wanted, and noticed that the entire thing was invisible from the inside -- apparently that is what happens when someone doesn't put two sides on something.

    Yes, definitely need a back side for curtains and thus something new to add to my "checklist".




    5 hours ago, Leora Greenwood said:

    PLEASE feel free to be "bossy teacher"!  So many of us here are longing to understand our SL environment better.  I, and several others from this forum, are two lessons in on Blender and (I at least) still know nothing.  HOW does one check on the things we see in stores?  Is it putting them in edit and clicking on the "more info" link?  I have only the haziest of understandings of what I am seeing when I do that; I took some 1LI stools out to a sandbox to try linking them to see how the "more info" info translated to inworld info and that helped a bit.  But I am still generally mystified as I stumble through SL.

    Here is what I do to check triangles and LOD breakdown (after backing away from the item, or scrolling out, to check for obvious breakdown) -  I Edit the item, click 'Edit linked', go to the Object tab of the Edit window, and cycle through the pieces.  If one particular piece of an item is heavy, sometimes I'll derender that piece to see how it might look without it -- if it is the root, that won't work because it will derender the entire item.  In many cases, removing one item in a piece will leave a black area.  Depending on where the black part is, it might not matter to me.  Say for instance I'm looking at a bed that overall isn't bad, but has a very mesh heavy blanket tossed across it.  If I have one that is less heavy with good LOD that will cover the area of the original blanket, then I can swap it out.


    Side note about backing or scrolling away from an item:  Remember that if you are using Firestorm, you can derender buildings, trees, etc..  that are in your viewing way.  I often have to do this when looking at outdoor items that are in a building.

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  4. 5 hours ago, AlyceAdrift said:

    I genuinely am not trying to spam, I was just curious to reach out to different people on different forums to see if anybody knew anything different. Simply asking :( 

    I wasn’t saying the answer was rude to me, but towards LL because to me it sounded like they were saying the company won’t do anything unless money is involved. Making the company sound greedy... I didn’t mean for it to seem like I thought it was personal.. I’m genuinely bad about how I interpret things- gotta love being socially awkward :/

    Thanks for the clarification.  I wouldn't worry too much about anyone dissing LL.  You'll find that happens pretty frequently here - sometimes for valid reasons and sometimes not.

  5. 20 minutes ago, AlyceAdrift said:
    22 minutes ago, Gabriele Graves said:
    26 minutes ago, AlyceAdrift said:

    Any idea when a new batch of names will be released? I'm dying to get away from resident.

    When the money starts to dry up from the current set, I expect.

    Wow. that's kind of uh... rude... 

    How in the world was that answer RUDE?

    You asked a question and she gave an answer.  Her guess is that they will put out new names when people stop giving them money for the current batch of names.


    Untwist those panties and mellow out.  Not every answer that you don't like is some sort of personal attack.


    BTW -- You have asked almost the exact same question in 3 different threads within minutes of each other.  Technically, that is considered spamming the forums.

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  6. 8 minutes ago, AlyceAdrift said:

    I don't understand the restrictions for it in my state. You can buy lottery tickets, scratch offs, etc in the southeast. Why can't I go to a gambling region? It'd be really nice to be able to earn some linden but SL is like LOL NOPE.

    LL has to follow the law for your state.  If your state has a law against online gambling, then LL cannot let you in to the gambling regions.  There are a few states that allow lottery and even casino gambling at certain places within the state, but still do not allow online gambling.  You have to yell at your own politicians for that.

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  7. 23 hours ago, Eddy Vortex said:

    ChiMia offers the Hera Iris Curtains for this weekend's TSS. Only 1 land impact.

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena Pisces/92/121/22



    I'm now getting ticked off at creators.  These are the curtains from exactly 15m away -- notice there is no curtain rod.  My LOD is set at 2.




    I was very interested in these curtains and I suppose I may go ahead and buy them, since they will work as long as I put them in a small room not visible from 15m or more. 

    These types of things give me more incentive to learn Blender.  


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  8. 1 hour ago, Laurelrose Anthony said:

    You can message the instructor and asked if no one on here has them.  Is it the A series you are taking?

    I sent her the notes from last week - someone had previously sent them to me since I also missed that week.

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  9. 52 minutes ago, Silent Mistwalker said:

    Looks like you have it all turned on so it should be working. Have you tried unchecking, saving and then rechecking and saving? Just the Mentions one. Apparently old settings didn't port over to the new "system" very well.


    46 minutes ago, RowanMinx said:

    And logging out of the forums?  It seems like it should be working.


    Well, I do not actually want to get notifications of the "reactions".  My original comment on it stemmed from someone else wanting to not get them also.  Even though I distinctly remember turning them off -- in this Invision  forum software (as opposed to that last rendition crap of these forums) -- I couldn't find how to do so anymore. So I assume that the option went away in one of the release upgrades that they've done since they first started using this Invision stuff.

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  10. 13 minutes ago, Mel Seaside said:

    Hi, I have been looking to change my Linden home location today and ended up in a stilted home region the sim name is Harpoon, I noticed big red lines around each sim, doesnt anyone know why? Also my world map is shockingly bad to load lately making it almost unusable, does anyone know if this region is going to have sailable access to the reason of the new Linden home regions?
    Many thanks

    If you are talking about a red line on the map - ignore it. The map is not properly updating these days. 

    If the red outline is still in the sky above a region that you have a home in, those are supposed to be removed when the region gets released.  You can mention it in the Bellisseria Citizens group chat - there are typically Lindens & Moles watching that chat.  Eventually someone will come remove it.


    As to the map being unusable -- see my previous comment -- it is FUBAR right now.



    All of the water in the stilt home regions is sailable and there are paths to connect to the other Linden Home waterways.   Though given the state of the map, the navigation will be difficult.


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  11. 3 hours ago, Frigga Freidman said:

    This isn't a sale item, but a reminder that if you're looking for something bright for your sunny stilt home, LISP  sells this 6 LI sofa (and its more sedate cousins) for only 110L$. There's also a matching chair - 5 LI and 50L$. 



    You might want to reconsider the couch & chair.   I took 2 pictures in the store, one standing up close and one backed away a bit -- not even the distance of a large room - and the cushions of both the chair and the sofa started breaking down.  Granted my LOD was set at 1.5 or 2.0, so it might be okay if you and your guests always set LOD at 4.0




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  12. 4 hours ago, Silent Mistwalker said:

    Click on the bell at the top of the page then in the dropdown click on Notification Settings.


    The Notification Settings page and the various areas expanded are shown below.  Nowhere is there any setting for notifications of "reactions".  I have them turned off -- turned them off a couple of years ago -- but I'll be damned if I can find any way to do so now (or to even turn them back on, if I wanted to).




















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