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  1. 2208 sq m available on linden sea. Land editable to 40m and right on a deep sea area. 20000L or contact Cully Andel or Maelstrom Janus in world http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cub/92/214/83
  2. Land for Sale at Tentacle - spanning almost the whole sim straight on to linden protected sea. 19968 sq m, 4570 prims. 150,000L. Or contact Cully Andel or Maelstrom Janus inworld. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tentacle/182/233/22
  3. ROllig, Venus - thanks for the info. Took me nearly an hour to change this time. None of it helped I'm afraid. I checked my textures and surprise surprise it's not my end. Seems my only option to change it so turn in to a noob, get my alt on and get her to see if I actually change clothes. The fact there's Jira give me no comfort whatsoever. We've heard about Lindens 'going back to basics' well come on! Getting changed and appearing clothed is about as basic as you can get! There's a lot of opposition out there now. I things don't improve you might just start losing more and more people!
  4. I'm not the only person I know with this problem but is anything actually being done! Everytime I try to change clothes eveyrone else sees me still in the same outfit. There are indeed lots of ways to fix this but I'm getting sick and tired of wasting time trying to do something so very very simple. (the phrase 'back to basics' keeps repeating in my head from somewhere). Surely after all the years SL has been going it's simple enough to allow us to be wearing the right outfit when we change? Otherwise what's the point in people selling clothing - we might as well all just stop in one outfit. I, like a lot of other people, pay to be in SL and surely it's not to much to ask to be allowed to change clothes without having to go through the rigmarole of making sure we look right on everyone elses screen!
  5. 2 parcels of land for sale at Cub. Both lead on to Linden sea with Deep Water. 1024 sq m 234 prims leading on to Linden Deep Sea Trench! 30000L http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cub/82/224/94 1184sq m, 270 prims leading on to Linden Depe Sea Trench 35000L http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cub/99/222/93 If you want more details then contact Maelstrom Janus or Cully Andel
  6. 2 Parcels for sale by protected Linden Sea 2208 sq m with 505 prims in Cub. This comes with a Deep Sea Trench so perfect for those who enoy their water sports. 75000L http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cub/88/225/93 6784 sw m with 1552 prims in Tentacle. This leads straight on to Linden Sea. 55000L http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tentacle/210/135/10 For more details contact either Cully Andel or Maelstrom Janus in world
  7. We also asked about some abandoned land right in the middle of the rest of the sim we own. As the only landowners on the rest of the sim we hoped to get this. After getting the land up for auction, we bid and were outbid with a massive bid. We then realised that not only was someone deliberately increasing prices, but that there was also a fault with the way the bidding was being handled by the site. 3 calls to Live Help, a ticket as the auctions were incorrect and finishing that day and a notcard to a Linden. Bet you can't guess what happened? That's right. Nothing. There's a technical fault with the system and no one at LL cared about it. We'll lose the land and the end of our dream to own a whole sim. OK that's down to someone delierately trying to scam us (assisted by LL refusing to allow people to simply buy plots of abandoned land they are interested in) but what really angered me was the refusal to acknowledge a fault on the site with the bidding. So fair enough. I've lost interest really in reporting things. There's simply no point and as a result our hopes and dreams are crushed. Result - less income for LL because we don't want our land anymore.
  8. Improved comunication would be to STOP sending e mail notifications from this forum when I have very clearly turned that option off! I do not want to be communicated with when people post to this thread and yet my e mail in box is going mad! i do hope the new forum stops this one
  9. I've looked at the user groups with a view to taking part. None of them are of any interest to an older use who doesn't use Viewer2. I'm interested in making the existing SL policies to make SL better for the residents. And while the forum's being revamped, I still can't get group chat to open in world, and I couldn't even tp home having eventually persuaded my av to stop looking like an egg. A usergroup to resolve existing problems would be a great idea I think (or maybe a brainstorming one)
  10. There's plenty of comments from plenty of residents right here in this forum. It would be nice to think that a few Lindens sat and read them and took note instead of encouraging us to go to Facebook or Twitter (I do neither).
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