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  1. This will be my last response to this post as I honestly fear that this discussion has become overly heated and misunderstood - by a variety of parties. And I fear that there will be a lot of abuse reports thrown around that will land on innocent parties due to the hostile nature in which everyone (not just a select few... everyone) has defended themselves or someone else. I don't believe Mason's intentions were to promote his 'product' because I don't view 2H as a product. It's a free website for SL residents to use. No credit card information nor any other form of payment has left my hands
  2. Not only am I one of the first people to have used 2ndHub, but I'm one of its most frequent users. It's practically impossible to not see me posting on there - daily, and from both a personal and business viewpoint. I can assure you, unless you think I'm a loser (lol) you will encounter some fantastic people. I love 2H... honestly. I've forged friendships there that I would have never otherwise had and brought them to the in world platform. Even better for some - I've forged relationships with a client base that otherwise would have never found me either.
  3. Instead of fancy off-sites, I'd personally prefer to see LL offer a better web-based profile and social network for use within the confines of their own website. I for one registered on AU, but I found the site to be lacking in so many ways. There are other, fantastic websites that offer social networking strictly for Second Life users. Perhaps LL should be following their example.
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