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  1. Oh Oh and I said forget the madness and PMed you... there should be a friendly note in your box
  2. The comparison of changes says it all..... The Earth changes everyday but overall things are so minute to on lookers. Individually the decisions and life processes we choose make huge shifts in what we call our existence. The impact in change in us just seems to be far greater as everyone wants to see others do better for themselves, but then you have those who want to do better for themselves and hold others back to feel like they have increased.... Things will always stay the same at the center because of keeping a focus.... Change is growth and is needed to understand the risks and experie
  3. I was visited by the alter form a friend last nite... It was spiritually of course and made no sense to me... I wanted to cry thinking about it while just saying weiiiiiiiirdddd.... The tears are for a now lost frienship in seeing the person that was there that I gave a lot of myself to now no longer being in my life.... But my being is still tied to all I gave away and I've been stuck in solitude for years now so those bonds weight heavy on my aural strands in space.... It showed me that the parallel universe will always have our best intentions in finding those little pieces of us even if th
  4. This is how I've been feeling lately looking at the web.... Makes me understand there are still a few good ones left though who will tell it how it is!
  5. So you're a for hire assassin who happens to know a good soulful rock mix when she hears one..... SWEET!!! \m/ =P Enjoy your shift. I leave mine in an hour and 12 mins =D I have to find something cleaver to respond to that vid
  6. lol when I laid down for bed you posted..... And now we both wait another 12 hours to continue convo =P What keeps you really coming back to forum land over and over again, if i may ask? I know you've led into it a bit, but what really makes you look through the madness...
  7. I should add I see things more as Donne Darko meets the Butterfly Effect...... only don't kill the person the the rabbit suit and become an egotistical shmuck who forgets about other people overall and try to stay away from nose bleeds and creating situations you don't want to have to find your way out of....
  8. Tony Hawk did do this pretend thing with Christopher Lloyd about hoverboards... they had to apologize because people thought it was real, but it was like look Christopher Lloyd is coming back. They even tried to keep the back to the future theme.... knowing commercialism, fashion and trends, i can see them making a hoopla about the movie because soooo many people have some sort of connection to it. Some well more than others.... I stopped worrying so much of the state of things here when i looked out into space and saw other worlds closer than i had always realized.... Space is infinite, soo
  9. Unwinding from work, going to go to sleep here soon What about you?
  10. The planet is just learning grounds... I've learned that! It's a true learning lesson for other stuff out there in space, because this crazy 'world' isn't it all. Even 'rl' is now like an rpg, and I do credit psychologist for pointing that out as a student. Things are much role based for progression of trying to get many to more, but that also causes a crisis for those who are intro-extro, extro-intro such as ourselves.... I didn't choose psychology.... I found it and thus found how to connect to the opposite force of me that is female.... I got a better understanding of nature at the very l
  11. I'm the silent reserved one, only time i'm the asshat is when others start goofing off and go too far and i go one step further and put them in their place for messing with my vibe..... Do anything you want, but mess with my peace and I reserve the right to bring you pure hell o=) Loooool when I started the SL forums I got a few of the reminders about the guidelines to forums..... blah to TOS over people being shoddy and sheltered from an open mindset to what life can be. I try not to live in confinement although I like to stay in my shell made the form of a bubble, I have my buffer and bum
  12. Thank you for saying all that general threads are meant to be. Possibilities are endless because as you hinted at, someone is always bored looking to rant. I'm not one for pretentious people who want to throw around their opinions on others is all that matter comes down to on that guy you all keep referring to that I will again overlook making an addition to my days. I'm a psych student so I know a bit of what you're going through. You've been looking for a doctor whom actually has an to help you address your issues, and you get stuck with people who want to create situations outside of wh
  13. I have nothing wrong with a difference in ideology..... I see that guy as a Socrates of sort... 'Poison the Youth with such narrow minded views of how the world should see things" I just don't see it as much of a dialog when there is one side who wants to rant on and on and be incoherent of what others are expressing through their feelings of situation... It's doesn't feel like talking to him, it's like reading the monologue of a dictator and that's agonizing!!!!
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