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  1. That was kinda rude. I did look earlier and got a reply back from the lindens ((LL)) with the links directly to the skeleton a while ago. You are missing the point. The search should take one directly to the wiki the way it was in the old days. I don't want to sort through a bunch of blogs to get to the point. And even if those were excuses, so what.
  2. If you need special things as a the bento bones, what's the real trouble asking for it? The real trouble is that the expectation is finding the bones should be a piece of cake. To write a letter to support and wait a day for an answer is a break in momentum. Which is a component in creative people. When they are on a roll, they want to keep rolling. I would like to see links to the wiki that are plain simple and easy to fine. If it is an impossible dream then so be it. However the terms of service should take me there.
  3. Ya I saw that after posting and had shut the page, so didn't come back to it. Luckily your reply showed up in e-mail so was easier to come back to it.
  4. Why can't I find the terms of service by doing a search. Also, the wiki are impossible to find as well. These are good tools rather than making people sort through literal thousands of comments in a forum. The Terms of Service should be a button on the SL.com login page. The Wiki should pop up in the help search. I can find either. Add to that I had to make a support case just to get the bento skeleton because that can't be found in search. Seriously these things need to be fixed.
  5. I can't get to the web profile without clicking on the profile link in the above Linen's write up. I don't see where I change my privacy settings anywhere on the web profile In world I can't get to my profile information to change my privacy settings. I get an error message "ssl handshake failed" when I click on people's profiles. If I click on the side of the error box for the website, it doesn't load. So the web page profile has now given me less information and I don't know how to fix it.
  6. Welcome. It is exciting to see you here. You looked a little lonely there in the woods, by your mailbox, no wife in your log cabin and all alone on your raft. You need some peeps. You needs friends in your list. People when you see them on line you IM them. Because sl is not about playing with the toys that the interface gives us, it is about the people using the toys. Why build if no one uses it. I want to see customer retention. If you retain customers, then I have customers to sell my stuff to. You stay in business, I have fun in sl. I say this because I hang out at one of the t
  7. OK someone at Help Island suggested turning off the display names in Preferences. That seemed too work. No problems with an IM creating two text files on my hard drive. Such a simple solution.
  8. That is what the problem is, the IM don't show. I can't scroll up an find the previous IM. When I look where the files are stored on my computer, there are two text files. One seems to be my part of the IM and the other seems to be the replies to my IM. But these are not found in second life, but on my real life computer.
  9. Is anyone else having problems with the display names effecting their IM with version 2.4. Some of my friends showed up as ??? for a while when I upgraded. Now, my IMs from them are being effected. When I look at the text files stored on my hard drive I have files with both their display names and their old names. So this is an example f what I am talking about. Molokai Sharkfin and molokai.sharkfin will have their own text files. So when I get an IM from someone, the previous "conversations" are gone depending on who originated them. But there is no continuous IM with the entire his
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