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  1. Sadly, I think you are correct about the tier prices. LL will go out of business before they lower tier. It is great that they are trying to add value to private regions, but the fact remains that even if LL could make private regions sing and dance through new features, that $300 per month is a price point that will remain out of reach for a large majority of people. There is certainly room for another product between a full region and a homestead. I hope they consider something like that in the near future. It wouldn't be as great as a drop in tier prices, but would give more options
  2. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Sassy Romano wrote: You have to have pixel sex within a week or your account is automatically deleted. Which Linden is in charge of keeping track of all that? Voyeur Linden of course. :smileylol:
  3. I used to play in City of Lost Angels and it was near impossible to get anyone to even use their meters. If that has changed, then I guess it is time to check it out again. Thanks for the info. :smileyhappy:
  4. I have no doubt that SL will appeal to some Steam users, (I use Steam for some PC games. Skyrim, etc...) but the subtext of what I was saying (and sorry for not being more precise) is that in all my years in SL, I have never encountered anything in SL that would cause me to make a comparison between SL and a game on Steam. SL just doesn't have the tools yet to create real games like what is typically played through Steam even though combat roleplaying sims do come close. I completely agree that it will be a good move for SL to be listed on Steam. I am just not convinced that a typical r
  5. Innula Zenovka wrote: It's been suggested (by someone who has professional RL experience of this area) that the obvious place for SL to be listed in Steam is under the "Creative Tools" category, which would help direct it towards the people who're most likely to find it interesting. To my mind, it's a very positive move. It gives SL access to a list of some 40 million people, some of whom are surely going to find it enjoyable, and also rather undercuts all the people who've been writing it off since all the wild hype of 2006/2007 failed to materialise. I will be surprised if LL do
  6. If the RP is 95% combat (with actual weapons and not words) and 5% text, then they should feel right at home in a roleplaying sim.
  7. Herry Maltz wrote: I agree but I used to run a very large gaming community that supported a number of Steam games. Look at minecraft for example, absolutely terrible graphics with building and yet its popular. Garry's mod with a similar aspect. I ran into many games that were free and on steam, that people would join just to cause problems (aka troll) because it was free and they were bored of their primary game. That's what I'm afraid of seeing here. Then say we do have masses of these individuals bored of their main game and coming on here to cause trouble? I could certainly be wrong,
  8. Drew Bhalti wrote: With the "old bit of news" you do realize that nothing ever happend besides them getting ahold of it. no fraud, no misuse, nothing, go check the official steam forums out. if there was an issue with the info inside that encrypted DB being cracked, it would of caused a panic. (bolded the part I am responding to) Which is enough incentive for me to not have my SL account linked to Steam. Doesn't matter to me that they may have not done anything with the data. The fact that they did obtain it still gives me pause.
  9. mikka Luik wrote: Good point on the demographic, brought to mind this old bit of news especially the part where it says 'Valve has advised users - or their parents' =^^= Made me smile Oh yes. THAT bit of news. Thanks for reminding me of why I probably won't be linking SL to my Steam account. On another note... I vaguely remember someone from the lab (maybe Rod?) mentioning the possible addition of gamer achievements or tags during some discussion about bringing last names back. I suppose this will be one way of implementing those and makes me wonder how deeply the Steam client will
  10. I hope the huge under 18 demographic bring their allowance with them. Just kidding. :smileytongue: Does this mean SL is officially now a game? hehe
  11. I really do not experience much lag since I upgraded to a more than adequate computer. I only experience "lag" when I wander into unfortunate regions that are not built/optimized well (mostly mainland regions). Somehow I don't expect that to ever change no matter what new "shinies" or hardware LL throws at the problem (especially if LL insists on stuffing even more regions per server). Many residents will always push things to the breaking point with very little restraint, but that is the price of creative freedom.
  12. Trolling the community forums for a reaction could be a sign of mental illness I suppose. PS - I wonder how long it will take for this thread to be locked or mysteriously vanish. :smileyindifferent:
  13. jwenting wrote: "Remember First Land? It was gamed to death by land flippers" which is most likely exactly why the idea was abandoned. It was abused to fleece beginning land owners rather than empower them. Linden Homes don't suffer from that as they can't be resold or rented out. Not perfect, but protects inexperienced users from parasites who abuse the system as a get rich quick scheme by ripping off the unwary. So your idea of selling your old land for L$100 per meter no longer works that you paid L$1 for from the Lindens a few days ago. Oh the pain I feel for you NOT!
  14. Bored people are boring people? Some people are just so easily amused that watching paint dry on a wall would be an exciting activity for them. Look at how popular watching an avatar dance for hours is in SL. I think it depends on what people use SL for. For example, say a person uses SL to build things. He likes to build in private and enjoys creating large immersive scenes, so sandboxes are not an option. He once had a private island to build on but the high price eventually became too much to continue to pay. $300 per month was a lot more than his family's cable bill for every chan
  15. Perhaps the owner of that avatar would disagree with you. Don't really know. I was more put off by SL being represented by giant dancing avatars. Which, IMO, is the most boring and mindless activity one can engage in, in SL. But nothing is stopping anyone else from creating their own video that represents SL from their own point of view I suppose.
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