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  1. Simple math LL guys and gals. Let's say in a year one instructor brings in and orients 50 higher education students to SL. Let's say 5000 teachers do this. Hmmm, 250,000 well-trained people who have now been introduced to SL, have returned multiple times, and they in turn help build critical mass by brining in friends. Get the point??? We may be better at effectively marketing SL than you. :-)
  2. Obviously Linden Labs continues to be disconnected from the world of education and the years of economic hardships that have existed globally. It has been appreciated that educational sims have had reduced pricing, but to now double renewal prices??? To be effective in a less than three months??? Is this what LL calls advanced warning??? Obvioulsy the LL bean counters and others are clueless that budgets for most institutions have already been set for the academic year and most of those have seen cuts since last year. Given that the additional funds will likely not be available, this lends itself to many institutions closing up SL shop. News flash to Linden Lab's boys and girls, SL is somewhat useful for education but it still has a long way to go before it becomes established and this increase isn't helping. Time to invest time and effort in OpenSim grids.
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