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  1. Are campers easy to get or are all the new linden homes hard to come by? I have a traditional home atm, but plan on switching.
  2. I gave up my houseboat last week because I decided I wanted a traditional home. Sigh. I knew I would change my mind when I got the houseboat when they were first released.
  3. I'm sure they could of just copied the finished continent and pasted it with everything on it to another section of sims. Then just went around and reset the scripts on everything (assuming coping and pasted the 80+ sims to another area would mess them up). Then they would of had another batch of homes ready to go. Not sure it that would of worked, but just a thought I had. Since both continents (the current new homes and the ones on SSP) are the same shape.
  4. You were able to do that with ban lines also.
  5. I'm surprised that they haven't gave us a update on the orbs. Not that I am going to use the orb, but I would like to have it set up and ready to go if I choose to need it.
  6. Yes it will be in the mailbox. They said it was suppose to be early this week, but that has passed so no idea when it will be released.
  7. I'd like to be able to choose what maturity level sim my home is on (general, moderate, adult). Since they want it to feel more community like, why not be able to be on a sim with like minded people. That way you don't have to worry about if people on other parcels can see you or not if you feel like engaging it certain activities.
  8. I'm guessing we will get the security orb after Tuesdays weekly maintenance?
  9. I think this is a great idea. I have my parcel open because I know the issues with crossing sim borders on a boat. I get the random disconnects which cause me to lose my boat somewhere. Hoping the random disconnects (its the same type of disconnect as the teleport one). One suggestion would thats not on topic is the ability to pick to have a linden home on an adult rated sim, so you don't need to put the eye on if you wanna do things in the water on your parcel.
  10. The bears on the marketplace for the Japan Relief Fund, I think they (LL) should make an vendor for 0L to buy, so people can place it in there stores inworld, so people can buy the bears there. All the money would still go to Donation Linden. Hopefully they make a vendor.
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