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  1. I have a NG Full Region for sale, or trade. Looking to purchase 2 homestead sims. If interested in buying my full region make an offer! Or if you would be willing to trade let me know!
  2. 30,000 prim region for sale. Tier Due June 23rd. Taking offers here and in world. Cassandralynne Cloud
  3. 30,000 prim region for sale. Tier Due June 22nd. Send Offers in world to CassandraLynne Cloud
  4. Thank You. TMK though LL is not selling/creating any new estates until the server transfers are complete. The only sales in the meantime are resident to resident transfers, and the "possible" sale from LL IF an estate is returned. But for the most part there will be no buying direct from LL until some time of autumn.. Until now, I have always just purchased direct from LL and have never done a resident to resident purchase. So was just curious what the general wait time is for LL to process the transfer. I have two more purchases coming up as well in the next few days so was just looking for a "round abouts" ETA.. tysm for your answer though
  5. That is not common practice at all, however it is up to the renter to read their covenant and make certain they are receiving exactly the rights they want. Though the vast majority of land rentals will sell a parcel and give full land rights, there are always some rules laid out per estate. Some require the home be in theme with the rest of the land, some decorate and ask that their prims not be returned, etc. So the best thing to do is read the Cov and usually the NC provided before purchasing the plot. It's too bad what your friends went through, but there is no course of action against it. A little bit of research before buying though, will go a long way next time, Good Luck!
  6. Hi! I am currently in the process of my first estate transfer. With LL putting a hold on buying Estates, I've had to try out buying land this way. My question is how long does it typically take for a transfer to happen once the tickets are filed? what is the typical wait period before LL completes the process? Thank you for your help in advance!
  7. Alright.. So any Residents Selling Regions? Haha I was just about to purchase two. if anyone is selling HMU !!
  8. Just Looking for 2 Full regions. Non grandfathered, 20 or 30K. IM in world Cassandra Cloud. Needed Asap
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