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  1. The most recent premium price hike (combined with no benefit increase) was enough for me to cancel my premium. Can't say i'll be looking to upgrade to any level of premium membership anytime soon. For a start, the stipend has been 300L$ for as long as I can remember ... and every time LL does a membership "special" the L$ reward has always been L$1000 and as for name changes ? ... meh, i'm happy being a Phenomena
  2. Ghilayne Andrew wrote: It's probably just me, but I think she looks better in the "before" picture rather than the "fitted" picture. Nope, not just you. I do too
  3. Thanks for the input all, much appreciated :matte-motes-grin:
  4. Hi all, I have a friend who is a singer in RL, and he has recently shown an interest in starting in SL. What does he need to get started ? Obviously he has a computer, broadband connection & an avatar. But i'm guessing he needs some form of broadcasting software. As a DJ i use SAM Broadcaster, would this be sufficient, or is there a more specific program ? Links to any "How To" guides would be helpfull, as would any inword notecards (no IM's please, i get capped regularly) I would really appreciate feedback from any current live performers (if you don't mind sharing your secrets. lol) Thanks in advance
  5. Carlo Islar wrote: If hired, you have to accept if we say you have to do something to your avatar. Really ? Next ad please
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