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  1. This is the only one I'm really aware of, and I've been "profitable" (paying my SL expenses, but not taking much out) for a long time. There were a few short-lived "make a bundle in SL" forums but economic reality caught up with them.
  2. xIITaylorIIx wrote: I actually have 2 TB of textures but it's your usual wood, your usualy stone, your usual this and that ... was looking for more "exciting" stuff and was wondering if there was a specific company that made outstanding textures, a little different Can you define "exciting"? That would help us get you what you want
  3. Claireschen Hesten wrote: my first alt was created about 20 days after i first joined because i wanted to see what happened to me after i logged out for some reason i thought my Av remained in world even though i logged out And when you left yourself all tucked into bed in your footie pajamas and went back with the alt and found out you weren't there ,,, were you traumatized? Although if all the avatars just stood there while their owner was off-line, it would be too crowded to move in some places.
  4. Kezio wrote: Not everyone likes to have an Alt, some people are very anti and would even dump you if they found out it wasnt just you in world. So why do some of us use alts and some of us dont like them at all? I use one to test scripts and purchases and vendors - he's my customer alt. He's also the second avatar that made my group possible before I had any other members. I also use him to test and model clothing for males.
  5. Muletta wrote: I am rather new to business inworld, and just thinking of, is there any difference for how much people buy things/rent homes, in the various seasons? I guess for example that in the summertime people are not as much inworld to use money, as in the wintertime? Have you noticed any difference? You need to have seasonal things ... if all you sell is bikinis and swim towels, you will see a sharp sales decline in the winter months when people want their avatars to be wearing sweaters and boots. I have some seasonal holiday products and they go absolutely DEAD at the wrong season - they still sell, but it's a tiny fraction of the amount they sell at the "right" season. I notice it even with the textures - the "warm" fabrics sales peak is when people are thinking of making "warm" clothing for their avatar. And the "cool" fabrics are peaking now.
  6. There may be 3rd party exchanges still operating ... but LL isn't listing them. Try searching Google: I found http://www.podex.info/ and a few others
  7. Deja Letov wrote: Nefertiti Nefarious wrote: The items are removed from the Marketplace DISPLAY immediately, but they can take a while longer to disappear from your view of your listings. I thought maybe the same thing but some of the ones I have in my list are YEARS old. Surely that would be enought to clear em out if they were actually going to be removed. Strange. Are they maybe lurking in a magic box somewhere? After I deleted my magic boxes and re-synchronized the store to the boxes that were no longer there, my deleted things disappeared from the list of products I could choose from.
  8. Aluviel Nakamura wrote: Hello All, I have a question^^ When posting an item on the mp and listing related items to it, why do I see items that I have deleted or removed still there? How can I get rid of them so I know which ones are the real ones? The items are removed from the Marketplace DISPLAY immediately, but they can take a while longer to disappear from your view of your listings.
  9. Avalinde wrote: Hello everyone, I have rented a nice piece of land (4096 m2) with water on one side and a view on the neighbors houses on the other 3 sides. My house is this lovely French house: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TTR-Mon-Petit-Chou/643181 How can I hide my neighbors (one built a huge house)? I've seen a few panorama's but they're not what I'm looking for. I have hedges to hide the edge of the land, is there a nice simple sky-panorama or even a french village, who has ideas? there are some free sky and cloud textures you could use. 1 - Find a skinny mega-prim that is the same size as the edge of your parcel (20x32x.1 or whatever fits) 2 - Turn the prim tranbsparent by applying a transparent texture 3 - On the side closest to your house, apply the clouds texture 4 - Place it right at the edge, behind or in the hedges.
  10. Good pictures and simple, standard English descriptions will help international sales as much as listing in a different language. If you want to try it, your descriptions have to be in clear, standard English for a translation program to do well with.
  11. Could you use a sim-sized megaprim with a tiled water texture on it? Sink it below the level of the land.
  12. Easy ... use a sphere for the tassel top and a cylinder or conical flexi prim with a fringe texture for the part that sways.
  13. Marina Ramer wrote: Hey dear yes I did, its on my post, already done, it doesnt clean up nothing, no more boxes inworld nowhere, all delted form ingame and also form the Xstreet site, still that doesnt delete the unassociated items. and manually deleting doesnt work for me unless I do one by one, which is tkaing me forever, I really dont udnerstand how others did I found I could delete 10 to 15 items at a time - just IGNORE the error message and keep deleting.
  14. Rolig Loon wrote: Very nicely done, Nefertiti. I don't know why it's so hard to find good lace textures in SL, but I have had very spotty luck over the past 6 years. Even the large texture stores seem to have a very limited selection. Now that I've seen yours, I'll know where to look next time I need one. Thanks! I made them because I couldn't find an eyelet fabric I liked for a hunt prize. If seamless and border lace is in short supply, I may make more.
  15. I do several different ways: The animals are photos, carefully selected and edited to look as good as possible without being graphics hogs. These textures came from actual historic fabric swatches ... and were a PITA to get seamless for SL. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/9-Colonial-Cotton-Prints-Seamless/2832919 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/3-Tintable-Seamless-Hawaiian-Floral-Textures/293431 These came from pictures of cat fur https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/9-Brown-and-Auburn-Seamless-Fur-Textures/293452 The rest of the fabric and metal textures I sell are computer generated - there is software that can do a wonderful job of it. I spend a lot of time selecting the colors, setting and testing parameters, adjusting the final results. This eyelet fabric set is the result of one run for computer generating and then a whole lot of masking, erasing and scaling to get a set of textures suitable for clothing designers to use in SL. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/17-Seamless-Eyelet-Fabrics-and-Trims-Tintable/2834349 And I've done some interesting things with computer manipulation of photos of real flowers, fur, and feathers that haven't been listed yet (and may never be).
  16. Has anyone tracked how much of the early craptastic stuff has vanished from the marketplace since this deadline? April 2, 2013:Merchants will no longer be able to list unlimited-quantity items for L$10 or less using Magic Boxes.Any active, unlimited-quantity listings for L$10 or less using Magic Boxes will be unlisted.
  17. Try the Japanese designers. They tend to design for slimmer figures. OR, since you have discovered a market need, start making them yourself.
  18. Does the height offset make it look OK to everyone , or just the person using that viewer?
  19. The pattern I see because I have a lot of inexpensive items sitting around as landscape decor, all of them set to sell copies, is that the occasional hunter will go on a small shopping spree and buy a whole bunch of one kind of decor or visit the vendors and go nuts. I should take the time on the next hunt to check hunters against later purchases. Even if it doesn't increase sales noticeably, it's fun to make totally different things - I try to do something totally different for any hunt, not anything too close to my main products.
  20. I just got an e-mailed delivery failure notice ... 1 - To an address I have not used with Sl in several years 2 - With a link to an order placed over a year ago, on the test server http://marketplace.aditi.lindenlab.com/orders/5804007 Invoice # 5804007Ordered on January 13, 2011Order Status: Delivery Partially FailedDetails:
  21. Is Salas wrote: ahhh, thanks, I didn't know. I have no clue how to list it then, LOL. I listed a St. Patty's hat under Celebrations>Holidays>St. Patrick's Day. I've just changed it to Avatar Accessories>Hats, Gloves & Scarves>Hats. But, honestly it seems like a 50/50 chance on how folks would search that. LOL If St. Patrick's Day Hat is in the title, it doesn't make much difference ... it will show up on search.
  22. Is Salas wrote: How do I list a direct delivery product in multiple, appropriate categories in marketplace? Sorry if this is a silly question, but I'm very new to selling on MP. For all the world it looks like I'd have to re-upload for each category....? You don't ... pick the best category for that product and list it there. Even if you re-upload for each category, if they are the same product duplicated, LL will inactivate them as soon as they notice. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#keyword-spam "Item spam is creating more than one product listing for any single item, and will not be tolerated. The SL Marketplace provides ways to increase visibility for nominal fees. Consider an Item Enhancement. Clear variations of an item, for example, an item offered in multiple sizes (such as small, medium, and large shoes), or an item offered in multiple colors (such as a blue and black sport coat), are, however, allowed and are not considered item spam."
  23. XbabylonX wrote: Hello, today I contacted a popular store owner for a business proposal. As a very TINY merchant on SL, I get 2 or three "buisness proposals a weeki. They are usually of the "I have a great idea, I want you to provide me with the lindens/land/talent to get my great idea going" And you know what ... I'm not interested either. And when I say "no", I'm not usually as polite as the person you contacted.
  24. If all you want is a decorative prim, I have some modifiable horses: just shrink them.
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