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  1. Sephina Frostbite wrote: I know this is going to be moved because for the life of me I dont remember where to put this. Anyways, Ive been looking for dark or darkish red heels to no avail. They are either too bright, ugly or not quite the style I am looking for. Can I pretty please get some help. Thank you darlings. If the shoes are modifiable, can you add a grey, greenish or brownish tint to them?
  2. Mark2lifejobs wrote: Hello all, im starting a business and i am looking to advertise in a high traffic area, be it inworld or a secondlife blog that has a high traffic volume. Even if its just free for about 2 or 3 weeks that would be great just so I could get a feel of the traffic for my business and if its worth paying for in the long run. If anyone knows of anything like that please post, thanks guys! 2 or 3 weeks is NOT long enough to get a feel for anything. And exp-ecting to get freebies when someone else has spent a lot of time building up the traffic is sort of parasitical. Start by putting your products on the Marketplace - for free. See what happens.
  3. Totally strange ... I had an "unassociated" listing, but the marketplace listing is stiill there.
  4. Cyneswith Luik wrote: So far it seems to be just older products that are going... weird. Has anybody else encountered such oddities lately? The only thing I can think is that it's come with all the changes to SL recently, and the older builds just can't cope? I periodically have one or more permissions change on a product. It's been happening as long as I've been playing SL. I just thank whoever tells me and change it back and refresh the marketplace item.
  5. Ilyra Chardin wrote: A person, who I don't know, didn't know before today, bought an item in the middle of the night (in my time zone) and then within minutes wrote a scathing review. Reviews are allowed. I simply put a comment on the review and went on to start my day, knowing the review itself didn't make sense given the product and clear product description. This person then IM'd me in the morning (my time) demanding money to remove the review. I said that the review would stand along with my comment. This person then deleted the review and wrote a new one. Someone else that I don't know, posted a comment on her review. She has subsequently deleted that review and posted a new one. I suppose that she can keep deleting and posting reviews that are intended to harass with no recourse? Retrieve your chat logs and file an AR: that is extortion and they cxan lose their account.
  6. snippets of conversation that sugest that tempory uploading of textures is no longer possible where SSA has already been enabled. Is this true? Yes ... BUT don't panic. You can get the same effect with the "Use Local Fexture". That avoids the temp uploading and uses a texture off your hard drive. Less load oin Linden servers, and you can edit that texture and see the changes faster.
  7. Have you rezzed and lost anything, especially jewelry? Go into "debug" mode and turn off the surface patches, water, and terrain ... look underground for lost objects. Check any mesh items you rezzed for their "impact" ... a badly made mesh can equal a lot of prims. And in "About Land" you can see how many prims are yours and how many belong to others, with an option to return them to owner.if you see an owner you don';t recoignize, rewturn their prims. I have auto-return set on my parcel for 5 minutes ... people can rez things, but they don't stick around. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Managing-your-parcel/ta-p/700113#Section_.4 might help
  8. bonappe wrote: Thnx for help, Nefertiti Nefarious. Where can i find cloth texture, maybe satin or any other nice cloth textures to make a clothes. I found only some bagging texture. On the marketplace there are a lot of them. ou can work with just a plain color layer until you get the hang of the shading, then use the shading on different fabrics. You have to decide what kind of silk you want: tight plain weave or the looser Shantung with irregular threads. Or, go to my parcel (look me up in-world) and check the textures in my shop. There's a vendor with eyelet lace that has a solid, plain weave that you can play with. It's full-perms and 5L if you buy the single texture.
  9. Maybe someone knows other ways to make this effect? Advices, tutorials. And textures. Where can I get this kind of textures? That effect is a two-step process. First, you need a cloth texture that has the silk looking weave in it to make the pants and tops. Then you have to add the shiny texture shadows and highlights, by hand, on the clothing before you upload it. This is usually done with "layers" in your graphics program. I use the GIMP (www.gimp.org) It's not difficult, it just takes patience and a lot of testing with temporary uploads until you figure it out.
  10. My sales have actually been better than "my norm" the last couple of weeks. I do sell small household items so perhaps what another poster said has some bearing ie. certain items are not as seasonal as others. Or something.
  11. Nefertiti Nefarious wrote: Interesting ... I'm missing a few, but why am I seeing transactions for less than the listed price? Need to doublecheck pricing, I guess. Transactions for less than the listed price = multiple purchases of the same no-commission item on the same order triggers a commission. And the script isn't written to pick it up. Which leaves me with 6 that seem to be missing payments: The missing ones were all in an order of multiple products from at least one other merchant, FWIW.
  12. Missing payments are one thing ... reduced-price transactions are baffling me. Are you now charging commission on $9L sales?
  13. Interesting ... I'm missing a few, but why am I seeing transactions for less than the listed price? Need to doublecheck pricing, I guess.
  14. It's a 2-step process to prevent accidentally deleting inventory. Yes, it's a tedious PITA, but that's the way it works. I have not found a way to bulk delete. Set a goal of deleting a small number every day and it will eventually get done.
  15. Yes ... that link. People will search the marketplace: make your titles really clear and descriptiver. Make your pictures clear, well-lit and from several angle. Include a texture map, if appropriate, so I can see where the surfaces fall on your item and make my life easier as a texture creator.
  16. I have a script in a "ghost" that slowly fades in and out ... if you were to substitute the parameter for light distance or brightness for transparency it might work. Buy her - she's free - and mod the script. I think iot's modifiable. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FREE-Funeral-Bronze-Hooded-Woman-with-Urn-GHOST/293500
  17. Minnie Mouse is a trademarked Disney character. Yes, other people may get away with it for a while, but it's against the TOS.
  18. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: but are these shoes a real exact copy of the original ones ?i These are pixels on flat screens ... and as such can't infringe on RL things made of leather even if they were copyrighted (which clothing design can't be). Unbless, of course, a shoe maker decides to enter SL as a vendor.
  19. Jennifer Boyle wrote: I don't think shoes, clothing, and other useful articles are subject to copyright, The Red soles of one maker are TRADEMARKED ... different than copyright or patented.
  20. I've had the problem ... Often it's because you didn't quite get all the prims selected. Reselect and try again. Sometimes it's lag making your view think it's seeing plywood when it isn't. With flexi skirts ... if you are using a skirt-building script, texture the starting prim, then make the skirt. If a wall or something is going to require copies with identical texturing, I usually make the first one, texture it, then make and link the copies.
  21. Have you tried einstalling your viewer? Or download and try a different viewer. I had a problem where I ended up "wearing" part of the login screen for a skin, and deleting and installing my viewer fixed it.
  22. I know it's a silly question, but what does high traffic do on search? It depends on what the person is searching for. I pay 30L weekly to be on search That just makes your parcel and your products show upon in-world search. Where they appear in the list depends on other factors. Does it mean I'd show up on top of search? Not really. I have very low traffic, except when there is a hunt, because most of my sales are on the marketplace. However, for some searches, my product is at the top of the list with higher-traffic parcels below mine. I maximize my search exposure in-world by naming the vendors for the products they contain and setting them to show in search, naming the shop buildings for the type of product they contain and setting them to show in search, and making sure everything for sale is set to show in search and well-named (many people don't realize you can do this). Part of the trick is using specific names: If I name every prim on my parcel the same long list of every product I sell, as some merchants do, I screw my search results. If someone is looking for an African Elephant, my elephant is named "African Elephant". and the description is "rear view of an African elephant on a 1-prim decorative flat panel" with an SLURL. If your parcel is named "monkeys elephants lions tigers bears wild aniimals bongs bikinis Goth" ... which one do you think is more likely to get the shopper's attention? Look me up in-world and go to my parcel ... right click the buildings, the vendors, the statues and the decor. Almost every prim that is rezzed shows in search with a useful name and description (a roof, a wall, and a floor can each have their own description). It's tedious to set up if you haven't been doing it, but it does help in-world shoppers.
  23. April Looming wrote: I talk to a lot of people who would be happy making a profit at all... which is part of what inspired me to put this out there. I pretty much just do what your blog says ... do what I can to maximize sales and minimize expenses. To maximize sales, you need to: ✰ Make what people want (know your customer and competition) Low prim, inexpensive decor, and useful low-cost texture sets. I started because I couldn't find any I liked, and had the 117-prim 'free land' to decorate. ✰ Make it look good enough to buy (staging) I have decent, but not superb pictures. Clear and well-lit makes up for lack of artistic ability. And I don't do a lot of post-processing. The in-world shop is organized and easy to navigate. ✰ Get the message to people who might want it (marketing) I don't buy ads or featured listings. I write very clear, descriptive listing titles for the marketplace. I maximize my search exposure in-world by naming the vendors for the products they contain, naming the shop buildings for the type of product they contain, and making sure everything for sale is set to show in search and well-named (many people don't realize you can do this). I used product placement instead of advertising. Very early in my business I gave away decor items to owners of sims where they would fit in ... naked lady statues to the lesbian sims, farm animals to the western sims, etc. It was effective because when someone saw the item and checked creator, there I was. I still do it if I see a well-designed sim. I have a few freebies. I participate in a few hunts. It's all low-key and inexpensive. There's two other important factors to consider in that first star: ✰ strive for the best possible quality I sell cheap photo-panel images! But they start out as high-rez photos and I edit down to the pixel level to keep them looking good. ✰ be attentive to your customers and build a reputation for customer service I unapologetically sell cheap stuff. That's my niche ... but if it gets there with the perms messed up, or doesn't get there, it gets taken care of as if it were a $900L ball gown. It's amazing how many businesses don't take full advantage of all these principles. Minimize every fixed expense: ✄ Minimize land expenses I had the "free" land for a long time, until I was making enough on the marketplace to pay rent. However, my stuff doesn't need in-person inspection like houses or furniture would. I could drop the parcel and not lose sales. ✄ Minimize ad expenses See above: no ads! ✄ Minimize employee expenses No employees either. ✄ ADDING THIS: Minimize "tool" expenses For graphics editing, I use the free GIMP instead of the $$$ Adobe. I buy 3-d shapes because I suck at mesh and sculpts, so I shop carefully for parts kits that can be used in multiple products.
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