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  1. Poenald Palen wrote: I know we see it told, by LL, on the wiki or wherever that we need to try and create a place intead of a just a place with purchase boxes. So, did this work as a way to get sales right in the store? I have a landscaped parcel with some of my iotems used in the actual landscaping and some buildings that display most of the rest of the items. I did it not to sell things, but so I could see how things workled and looked in-world.
  2. Alesium wrote: Hello. I had just recently received a message from another store owner that because the name of a product line in my alt's store and her store's name are the same (except for one capitalized letter) that she would like for me to change it, especially since hers has been around longer and she claims to have the name trademarked. I told her that since there is no conflict of interest between our two businesses that I have no intention of changing it at this time. She said she'll let her lawyers know. I did some snooping around to see what all her business was: 2. I found no proof of trademarking her store's name except for a "TM" in her store's group's description. Then again, not sure where I would look for official, legal proof of this either. uspto.gov has a searchable database of REGISTERED trademarks ... that's the only kind that matters. Search there. As for her lawyers, I think they exist only in her head.
  3. I file my textures in categories but some textures can be in several such as red fabric that could go in one of my fabric categories as well as the color red. I rename the textures as I sort, and add title and description words so I can search for it. The trick is to use labels that mean something to you that will make it easier to sort out a small group of the 20,000 textures. Pattern (stripe, plaid, abstract) texture (knit, latex, sequin), color Your example would be in my fabric folder as a first sort, as opposed to the stone, glass, or wood folders, with name and key words to make it easier to find. Instead of Fab1234 it would be "Red white black Plaid" or "Red floral abstract" or "Red animal spots" or "Red white knit stripe" ... whatever. If I'm trying to retrieve that cute red plaid I vaguely remember, I can search the fabric folder for red plaid and a small group pops up for visual checking.
  4. Visit my shop in-world. It's in my picks. Find the teleport to the classroom and take it. I have a tutorial on how to create textures for sculpted prims, and some supplies in the big vase. You should be able to start the tutorial by touching the display screen. Ignore the dancing ponies and the big fuzzy purple box
  5. Lucas Scarborough wrote: My wife and I both create. On the Marketplace, the store is owned by me (as I couldn't find a way for us both to own it), but in-world, it is both of ours as we both put out items. Is there a way for her to upload her creations onto the marketplace store without me having to get them from her full perm, change the permissions, and then upload them as my own? Wouldn't that also be in violation of some terms of use for me to take ownership of her items full perm even if just to put on the marketplace? One way to do this is to have an avatar that does nothing but exist as a store "owner". The creators all have the password and log on as that avatar for packaging and uploading.
  6. Rstan wrote: Yeah, but All I have need me, and I can't delete it. I need to have more prims or use optimization technology I spoke above it. The easiest "optimazation technology" is the delete key. Check every item you have rezzed and see if there are any prims in it you can remove without wrecking the looks. I turned a pretty Japanese lantern from 6 prims each to 2 prims. Because I have 8 of them rezzed, that's a large savings. I stripped out 2 prims from a 5-prim vendor. I have a couple dozen vendors, so that was awesome savings. Try grouping your plain prim objects and applying the physics of "convex hull" to them. Some of my displays of animals and statues, if grouped and with physics changed, went to 1/2 the LI they had previously. I did the same to my vendor huts. The rugs, the floor and the walls are grouped and convex hull applied. After that, look for items with lower Land Impact counts that will do the same job as a higher one.
  7. If yo have "Christmas Giftbox" in yout title, people will find it with search.
  8. For people in the USA is seems relatively simple. You fill in the form, including your SSN, send that to Linden Labs, and they deal with any tax-witholding and it gets applied to you tax liability. (OK, it isn't so simple, but it does mean the tax is paid on your behalf toi the IRS.) UH ... NO. If your withdrawals are over a certain figure, they just report you and your SSN or EIN to the IRS. It's up to you to keep track of the income and if necessary, pay any witholding tax on schedule.
  9. Isabelle Mavendorf wrote: Personally, I think it's rubbish to let anyone have an MP store who doesn't also have an in world store. That is, they must either have a payment on file or be a premium member AND have an in world store. Everyone on MP, not just the new kids on the block. That would not only get rid of a lot of MP thieves, it would help the in world economy. Boycott MP only stores! Why? Were DMCA problems any fewer when the magic boxes required people to have some place to rez the box? I don't remember it being better. Requiring all users to have verified payment information before they can open up a marketplace shop, or place items into search in-world might slow down the infringement. How would you define an "in-world store" ...
  10. Can you post some pictures of the problem?
  11. Syle Devin wrote: Now what I'm wondering about is if anyone has gone about marketing a product this way, or similar. If so was it successful? Or not? Also are there ways you have introduced new items other than just placing them in your store or on the marketplace? Any comments or suggestions in going about this are welcome also. Because I make decorative items (1-prim animals and statues), I gave them to the owners or managers of some popular theme sims to use in the decor if they wanted to. I was clear that it was a "no strings" gift because I thought it might look good in their place. The object had me as creator, and mt profile has a link to my in-world parcel and a link to my marketplace. Very low-key and I think it helped.
  12. Search in -world ... I know there was a NaNoWriMo group a couple of years ago.
  13. It can be several weeks to months between my taking a demo version and even trying it on. Then, if I like it, I'll buy the real version ... often on the marketplace, because I'm standing NAKED in my skybox trying on several dozen things. So unless you are tracking across marketplace and in-world, over a period of several months, you aren't going to see what's going on. Because I could look like a demo-only customer OR a full version only customer if the window is too small.
  14. I do respond to any IMs about problems with the products as soon as I get the message. Sometimes I can only say, "I need to get back to a computer with a wired connection that can run SL before I can do anything for you, but I willtake care of it" but I do respond. It's quite a bit of "work" for a 9L chicken with glitched perms, but it's the professional way to do it.
  15. Heavenly Villa wrote: Do designers feel its ok to ask a customer to change a review if they address the issue the customer raised? Or are customers entitled to put whatever they want without any pressure being put on them by designers to change a review? I'll address the issue, and may comment on the review ... it's up to the customer what they decide to do with their review. I don't get all drama-llama if someone leaves a bad review.
  16. Sirius Selona wrote: Here are two screen caps of the possible bots or alts that demonstrate part of the problem. The first screen cap was taken last light around 10:30pm Pacific time. These two male alts or bots float in the same place 24x7, never moving and always right on top of each other. If you try to chat with them, you never get a response. This cap was taken this morning about 5 minutes ago as I type this. The island is now crowded. Same two bots/alts in the same place as last night. Many, if not most of these avatars are not operated by individual people. They just appear all in a closely packed crowd like this. Some are online 24x7 but are hidden underwater sometimes. There is rarely, if ever any chat going on. Somewhere in that crowd is the person or people who attach the followers. I couldn't get a screen cap of a follower this morning, but will keep trying. What happens if you mute those avatars? Does that get rid of their objects too?
  17. What are you offering to pay for the private instruction? There are free classes given by Builder's Brewery, NCI and Happy Hippos ... have you tried these?
  18. I agree with the RP problems ... if a person with a child avatar isn't going to act in-period or in-culture thry don't need to be on the sim. On the good side: I was on an 1880s Western sim that had several child avatars doing totally acceptable RP activity, like hanging around the livery stable watching the blacksmith, helping out in the general store, etc. and they said Yes Ma'am and No Ma'am like respectful youngsters should. On the bad side: that stupid babytalk carried into chat! And the overall brattiness of some of them.
  19. You'll have to try the "divide and conquer" method. By testing half of the problem text every time you can arrive at the problem bit quickly. 1 - Upload HALF the description ... is it accepted? 2 - IF YES: The problem is in the other half. Upload half of the remaining text and test again. 3 - IF NO: the problem is in what you uploaded. Delete half and try again. ... is it accepted? Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have zeroed in on the problem wording.
  20. Arielle Simondsen wrote: I've had my shop about a year now, and created enough that my inventory is cluttered. Every now and again I get some organization, but then it ends up cluttered again when I am creating. How do you stay organized and keep it all in some sort of organized way? Creating can be a messy process. :smileysurprised: so I try to use position cues and good folder names. I have one folder called "Working" ... under it are folders for each current creation project, with the shaped bits and the uploaded textures and stuff. For example, If I'm making a bikini with mesh sarong, I make a folder called /Working/bikini and copy all the parts into the /Working/bikini directory, along with the textures I plan to use. This matches a folder set on my PC, with notes and textures and templates for the products. If it's something for a hunt, it's /Working/huntname_year or whatever, with each prize having it's own directory. /Working/POE2013/male_tshirt or whatever. ============ Each hunt creation folder has a folder called "DONE" with subfolders for each prize ... I can tell immediately how many prizes I have finished. When I pack it for a hunt prize, I work only from the DONE folder. ========== After something is built and tested and I like it, I take the product pics, list it on the Marketplace, load it into the correct vendor, or whatever needs doing. I know the product pics have been taken because they always go in a directory on my PC called "SL/Pics/2List" ... meaning that the product in that pictuire neeeds to be listed. After it's been listed, I move the picture to SL/Pics/Listed where it stays unhless I need to redo a listing. Then I move the finished, listed product to a folder called 4SALE .... where each product goes into an appropriate directory 4SALE/textures/nameoftextureset 4SALE/apparel/lab gloves If there's something I might want to use again, it goes into the folder for that sort of product part ... mesh or sculpted clothing and furniture parts, special textures, so I can find it again. Then I DELETE the product's working folder with all the mistakes and false starts.
  21. Look at your parcels settings, in the "About Land" tab. I think there is a checkbox for "Let others set home point" that you can check that will allow her (and anyone else) set your parcel as "home". If you want to make sure they land on the doorstep and not in your bedroom ... go to the spot you want them to land and select the "Force landing point to here" choice. WARNING: I'm writing this with out having SL running to check ... but I remember doing this for my own parcels.
  22. Alicia Sautereau wrote: But when it`s sent to a dozen merchants, that is a scam and impersonating a linden is a ToS violation in itself Ah ... my bad reading I thought it was a one-off sort of thing. If it's going to multiple merchants, it's definitely tying to get free stuff.
  23. MrSmid wrote: Hello Hun i bought your <itemname> and have been offline for a WILE and it seems SL has gone through a few changes and all kinds of things a Fd up the boots one to me is no trans 2 that could be because i rez it on beta grid i have talked to LL about it and it seems i have to take it up with you heres the convo due to LL TOS i ahd to hide the name of the linden *IM guessing you ahve not got the MANY notecards i have sent you or you did not care * Łxxxx Fxxxxxx I would have sent my trans with this but i dont have nor can i find it i have the convo from LL too Łxxxx MxxxxxFxxxxx Fxxxxxx (lilie.fxxxxxx): Hello Mr Linden I keep having a problem with mesh that i buy and the maker and she walys says she cant find my trans what can or do i need to do with this im spending a lot of cash I have a hard time understanding what the problem is because I can't read the message. It's not English. Basically, if you can't find the transaction, and she can't find the transaction number ... there was no transaction. I don't think it's a deliberate scam as much as it is an occasional player who can't remember what he/she's doing from log-in to log-in. Maybe someone who logs in with an alt and doesn't remember which account actually bought the stuff. Maybe they have been playing while chemically enhanced?
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