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  1. Are the 1-star reviews thsat say "sucks". or "disappointed" or "horrible" Because I don't know what they didn't like, l which means I can't fix it!
  2. Not possible ... we've been asking for it. You can create a store under an alt, but you have to make sure the clothing was also created by that alt so the uploads and permissions aren't messed up.
  3. What is used by the program to choose the order of "Relevance" and can it be used by me when listing so I can show my newest items first without having the person viewing set the order. The user can set search terms to show newest/oldest low/high price or relevance (default), but you can't force it on them. Your can WRECK your relevance in your listing: Relevance is how well what I entered in search matches what you have in your item listing. Let's say I'm looking for a red leather morotcycle jacket and type that into search. Don't dilute the message, don't get cutesy. TITLE: Seems to be extremely important. Nouns and adjectives. Using "Red leather motorcycle jacket" will score better than "AWSUM Scarlet Gangstah Biker Togs" Description: Same thing. Make the first sentence or two be about that item and that item only. Keywords: Be REALLY specific and make them custom to that item. Copy and Paste is NOT your friend here and don't try to steer people to your leather corsets, wooly knickers or anything ... stick to the nouns and adjectives that would describe the item the best.
  4. PersistentDigger wrote: Any suggestions for a lightweight (=inexpensive) programme ? Occasionally, I need an exact geometric line-drawing for my texture creation - so it is useful to import that as a layer in Gimp. If you mean porecise squares and rectangl;es and such, I use any other vector drawing program ... even PowerPoint can draw constrained squares and circles InkScape, free and fun, also works.
  5. Because those folders are "hexed" and the system is not letting the name change stick, try creating NEW folders with the 01, 02 naming you want and copy the stuff you need into them. Dunno why it works, but it usually does.
  6. But what now? I have the time to spend but I don't know what to do next. Do you have a marketplace store? I checked under the name BlacklightUnity and came up with nothing. Show me the store and I can have better suggestions. Learn how to take good product pictures, learn how to write good clear ad copy, and keep working on new products.
  7. I'm still covering my SL expenses, and making a pittance for RL, with inexpensive 1-prim decor and inexpensive textures because there are far more people who want a cute decor item for 9L than want someting elaborate for 900L. Something like Tari's Tinfoil Top Hat ... quirky, inexpensive, copiable and plain fun. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TLD-Tin-Foil-Top-Hat-100-Mad/3093995
  8. I have some vendors set up ... it was a free one that could be edited to remove some prims. I think (can't log in from here to check) that one may be on the wall in my pavilion of free stuff. Check my parcel in-world. It's simple, was free, and does all I needed to do, which was organize the various 1-prim decor panels by category.
  9. Amari Maven wrote: Hi, I'm wondering if anybody knows if I were to edit a older marketplace listing to update it would that effect the items position it has in search now? Some have moved up a bit due to being sold more and I just wanted to know if that would move them back down to the bottom of my listings if I edit the picture or listing content. Thanks for any and all replies Yes, and no ... If you edit it to fix any issues that are preventing it from showing up well, yes. If you just tweak a few words and save it, probably not.
  10. I am a big time user of affiliate vendors for my places. What I have notices is that (what seems) more and more places charge $L 1000 to over $L 5000 for you to get their affiliate vendors. I realize that it is their product and I know they have a right to do it - I understand that part. What I wonder about is what are they getting out of it ? (besides the fee that they charge of course.) Perhaps they want someone who is already successful at selling products, and not someone with a parcel jammed with affiliate vendors trying to make money? I had a couple of affiliate vendors in my place - they were appropriate to the theme of the parcel and tastefully done, the products were excellent. And I had ZERO sales ... so I deleted them.
  11. MysticDraggy wrote: I've been making system clothing, mainly dresses. I have textures that are 'glittery'. What I am trying to figure out is how do people get that specialized edging on an outfit? Like along the bodice line that is all jeweled looking? Pixel by pixel editing on the template, frequent uploads with temporary textures to check progress, and a lot of patience. Each of those beads might be only a few pixels, but each one has a highlight and a shadow. I made a couple of lace bikinis and it was astounding how a few highlighted pixels it takes to make the lace stand out, and how much time to learn which pixels to change.
  12. Bongo Steampunk wrote: After struggling to amass decent non-copywright fabric images for the making of mesh clothing from the web, have decided it might be best to start paying for them. Bongo. Buy mine! :matte-motes-big-grin: I think I have every freeby pack in SL sitting in my inventory. It's important to have seamless textures, tileable textures, optimized for SL use. Using stock textures in unexpected ways can get you a long way ... just because the texture says it's wallpaper doesn't mean it has to be used on a wall. Torley's free texture sets are created by Torley Linden AND free to use. See my texture hut in-world for the free Torley collection package if you can't find it online. You can get Filter Forge (www.filterforge.com) and mess with their filters. Many of my textures are made with Filter Forge's filters, with pre and post-processing for some of them in The GIMP (www.gimp.org), and some are made seamless from actual photos of fabric or other things (it's a PITA!)
  13. jordanit0 wrote: it would be great if there was a away to be able to update your listing to show where an item has been moved to. Maybe a way to call up some basic functions of the marketplace listings in world. Such as being able to stand next to the item in question bring up the listing and click set tp at my location. All done in world prob not ideal if you have a lot of items and im not even sure how easy that would be to do. . That's flipping BRILLIANT for people like Pamela who have a bazillion houses and furniture sets. Finish setting up the display, call up the listing, click "Set TP Point" and it's DONE! I have no clue how hard it would be to implement, but it's a winderful idea.
  14. It is unclear if they will close the entire market place for a migration to the new system, or just close individual stores or groups of stores as they migrate them to the new system. And maybe leave all the "dead" accounts behind? Again? As long as I can create and manage listings from the Internet I'm fine.
  15. You either buy full-perm flower bits and texture them the way you want OR learn to make them yourself. I have several full-perm flowers I use in different places, some free and some purchased and I even made one. Don't be afraid to "kit bash". That's when you use bits of several products to make something different than any of the starting kits. These for example, could work. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/White-Flowers-Builders-Kit-Mesh-Full-Perm/5578344 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Flower-Rose-deco-FR-1-Full-Permission/5862972 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/origami-Basic-Flower-MeshSculpty/573615
  16. If I log out and log back in, it empties the cart ... Something is not updating the state of the cart correctly.
  17. I'm collecting a bunch of stuff, and when my shopping cart filled up, I boufght everything. Marketplace confirmed the buy and showed me the invoice. But I can't buy anything else because the cart still has those 10 items.
  18. Where in Arizona is the hospice - if it's in Phoenix or one of the nearby towns I can get it to him. Here's how we can do this: 1 - You UPLOAD the file somewhere, or e-mail it to the e-maill addy I give you (IM inworld) and let me know where it is 2 - I download and burn it to a CD 3 - I take it to the hospice and leave it for him at the front desk.
  19. Look at various dance animations, and sports gestures. Attach a cape and it might work.
  20. Because according to the law, after the takedown, the one complaining of infringement has a certain length of time to file a legal complaint about the infringement in a real court. If you don't do that ... they HAVE to restore the content.
  21. Sonya Zarco wrote: I don't have enough time to make large amounts of content, and often I spend hours working on ads, previews, sending notices, etc. and end up tired, and work less. How can I grow my store business to make more content, Easy ... for the next month, make new stuff! Just new stuff. Send out a notice that tells your fans that, and lock yuour doors and create. Simplify your ads - make a nice template and reuse it. Save the creativity for the products. Automate sending notices if possible.
  22. Is it worth it though? Are sales still strong? Is the market dying or staying flat? Is it possible with steady hard work to make good livable money or would I be better off forgetting it? Part of the equation is what do you consider "good, livable money"? As a hobby that makes a pittance ... it works for me. My SL income pays for my premium account, the tier for my "shop" and I can cash out a bit every year. If I put more effort into it, I could make more money ... right now I don't have the time.
  23. When buying clothing, lets say a dress, skirt or top for ladies or a sweater or pants for guys do you prefer to buy individual colors of that item of clothing with the option to buy a fat pack or do you prefer to buy something texture changeable via hud or menu for a higher price than one color but lower than a fatpack? Individual colors with a fat pack. I absolutely HATE texture change HUDs ... unless they are done well, they conflict with other HUDs.
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