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    Brooke Linden wrote:

    Here's the text of the email. We sent it to all merchants who currently have an active listing.

    I have not received it at my official contact e-mail address.

    Your listings have been automatically updated with new maturity ratings, based on keywords and other algorithms. 

    Who tested this filter? Moe? Curly? Shemp?

    Those algorithms are FUBAR ... almost everything I make is Disney-level clean and because I suggested that the items might fit in Gorean decor they became "Mature". The one skin I make, the one I had properly classified as Adult because  she has nipples on her chest, got downrated to "General".

    And if you were going to automatically screw with my listings, you should have given me a way to sort my listings by maturity rating so I could find the ones you messed up.


    Those eight UV maps are separately addressable by script, using the same functions as we use for "faces" in standard prims (where each of those "faces" may consist of multiple polys).  Maybe I should have said "side", but that seems even more apt to be confused with "poly"--and indeed you used "eight sided" as a counter-example.  I guess I could have said "UVW maps" to be technically correct, but then neither scripters nor casual readers would have the first clue WTF I was talking about.


    Can you post a link to an example of these "faces", with the 8 different texture maps so we can see it?


    That's easier then words sometimes.

  3. Oh yes!  Instead of full-up Boolean operator words, which I haven't had to use since Lycos was a pup.

    Search operators from search engines like Google, such as being able to exclude results by putting a dash in front of a term, or to search for a specific phrase in the text by enclosing multiple words in quotes.

  4. When we set out to reinvent XStreetSL, we looked to emulate the  experience of other online shopping sites that provide a smooth and  enjoyable  experience for the customer.

    What you failed to do was make it a smooth experience for the MERCHANTS!  You know, the people who fill the marketplace with products for you.

    The people without whose creative efforts you would be out of business like there.com is.

    I've been on the back end of developing a multi-merchant shopping site, and making it easy for the merchants to manage their shops came BEFORE the user experience.

  5. The Wiki says, "providing proper LODs will greatly reduce the cost of an object in terms  of parcel limits, effectively allowing regions with efficient content  to carry more content"

    What happens if I change regions with my mesh objects? Or if I sell a mesh-based object to someone in an efficient versus inefficient region?

    And what will keep someone with a sim-lagging bazillion-vortex monstger from crossing a border and bringing my sim to a ahlt?

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