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  1. There are these radar huds folks have..you can put someone's name in it and it tells you when that person logs on and off even if you dont have them on your friend's list. IF you arent online it sends you an email. How do you keep someone from being able to do that?
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    Is there anyway to change the name on your group?
  3. I am trying to post an event for a club i work at but it doesnt show the LM in the list. How do I fix that?
  4. I made a group for a club i had. I had made a couple others owners along with me. I am not there anymore and i want to delete the group but the other owners havent been on to get out of it and i cant eject them from it. I want to get rid of it. What can I do
  5. My friend accidently derrendered her man...how can she fix this
  6. I have a linden house on a premium acct. I have someone that needs to set their home to here....how can they do that
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