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  1. My dream home would be the traditional on a corner lot but right now I just want a traditional on any lot...lol....
  2. I am also still waiting for my linden home. Have been since they first came out. I hope to get one soon. Using the auto refresh as has been suggested. Get the notification but by the time I hit the button it says sold out. Theres just no way quick enough to do it. I am trying for one of the traditional homes. I would really love a corner lot tho I know that is hopeless. I cant even get a house...lol. I abandoned my linden house as soon as the first ones came out and havent had one since. Just waiting almost patiently. always on auto refresh. always not quick enough. always hoping. one day...... hangs head.....
  3. Well I could be sweet too...Just let me have a house....hahahahahaha
  4. They look like they are ready..lol....They just sitting there all cute and stuff...
  5. What are these empty houses about. Are they not ready to move into? I see several just sitting here. Can I have one pleeeeeseeeeeeee?????
  6. I have been waiting since the first ones came out. I do hope I am lucky enough to get one soon. I do get discouraged but I am not giving up. I hope to be part of the community as well soon. If someone wants please send me an LM inworld so I can at least come check out the community and start getting to know the neighbors as well. I want to be part of the Bellisseria community too. Neighborhood block parties and all that good stuff.
  7. I abandoned my existing linden home when there was first mention of the new linden homes...i have not had one since. I have been trying with no luck to get one since then. Just waiting almost patiently.
  8. I was seeing somewhere that the next roll out of linden homes was going to be beach houses. Will we still be able to get the traditional ones? Thats the one I want. How would I get one of those? Signed..still waiting patiently...lol
  9. Correction...I get the loftroom on now. On meadowbrook.
  10. I still get the page for the grayson. I been trying to get the new linden home since they first came out. Steady hitting the refresh like some others said they do it and get one. still no luck. Just hoping i get lucky one day...lol. Time will tell.
  11. I still get the page for the grayson. I been trying to get the new linden home since they first came out. Steady hitting the refresh like some others said they do it and get one. still no luck. Just hoping i get lucky one day...lol. Time will tell.
  12. I can feel it. I am getting close to getting my linden home. To getting my own cute little house. Am I right??? No? awwww shucks. pouts and kicks rocks....
  13. yea I am just waiting. It's just frustrating cause ever so often i see someone posting they got their new home and i been waiting so long. and they get their real quick. I'm like hey let me borrow that smart button...lol...I dont ask for much...lol
  14. I wouldn't think so.
  15. I must have missed that. I had seen somewhere..tho now I can't remember where...lol..that it could be june before anymore come out. but I keep seeing on fb where folks are still getting houses. I have been trying daily for a month.
  16. If I were a betting person I would say the odds are against me...lol...
  17. It's been a back and forth thing with me...spend time refreshing like folks say and go for days ignoring it. its a no win for me..lol...I have come so close to just giving up and dropping my premium acct. But I am going to just wait a little longer.
  18. I do that all the time
  19. So about a month has gone by that i have tried to get the new linden home. I hear there are no more but I keep hearing some getting theirs as recently as yesterday. I have not been able to get one yet. Is there a secret club or something I have to be in to get one...lol...I am a premium member.
  20. Lynn Zelin

    Linden home

    Lindal Kidd I already have a premium account and have had for quite some time. when the new homes came out I abandoned the one i had to get the new ones but they were all taken. I had tried for 5 days still hearing of folks getting theres even the day before. with no luck. now I am just waiting. I will keep my premium membership..I'm not letting go of it. I will just have to wait till whenever I guess to get in my new linden home.
  21. Lynn Zelin

    Linden home

    I want a house...Just one little house...lol...Can I get just one little house...hahahahhahahahaha
  22. Lynn Zelin

    Linden home

    I am guessing all the new Linden homes are taken. I abandoned my old linden house and now I ant get one of the new ones...Please don't let me be homeless...lol..Do we know how long before I can get one? I want one of the traditional ones.
  23. Thank you all. I was really just asking for a friend. I personally think it's sad that someone has nothing better to do than keep a watch on when you come off and online...lol...
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