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  1. thanks for the awesome answers guys! I actually have been looking this has been my last last resort to see if anyone could guide me, I did get the catwa stuff but it's not the look I'm looking for so i think it's safe to assume those guys did some custom work on theirs lol
  2. Yeah, I can't seem to get an answer from the person directly sadly, so I have to somehow find out by luck, lol.
  3. so are these custom heads? because i directly ask and i never get a response from any of these guy, lol I am wondering if anyone knows and if not do you have any solid suggestions where i can get a detailed asian male look? (I posted this in the wrong area before hope this is the correct one)
  4. https://i.gyazo.com/686ba17cf6fdea7022128b9ead5e06d4.png tried messaging the owner of the store but no response, for some reason alot of people seem so secretive where they get things on SL. lol I am just curious if anyone knows if it's a catwa head or something else?
  5. same also being forced to the communtiy page..either they got epicly hacked or something is going on.
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